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[MT ]Homeopathic (TM) whitens skin suit
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Product specifications: the flow of amino acids Moisturizing Cleanser 150ml; homeopathic Whitening Brightening water 200ml; homeopathic MOISTURE Moisture Cream 50g
Suggested retail price: ¥ 562

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Homeopathic (TM) Whitening Skincare Set

Warm white, re-Hwan youthful luster
The series is rich in natural amino acids and whitening nutrients, but also special use homeopathic process, the various components to be quickly absorbed by skin tissue, accelerate cell metabolism, so your complexion is more uniform, there is no muddy water down a variety of colors spot, make skin shining brilliantly, from the inside out revealing the moist natural white luster.

Step one: Clean
Take advantage of TM amino acid amount in the hands of MOISTURE Cleansing Foam, water gently massage the face and neck, then rinse with warm water. Natural regeneration of the skin surface cells to help give your newborn smooth skin. Natural amino acids cleansing ingredients, gentle and meticulous, the formation of fine bubbles deep clean the skin, the pores clean and white, new look.

Step two: skin tone
Further clean the skin. Amount of the flow with a cotton pad dampened with water, gently wipe TM Moisturizing Lipstick has a clean face. It can soften the stratum corneum, the skin pH balance and restore the skin fresh and transparent, open the skin absorption channel, the maximum degree of whitening to help the skin absorb nutrients, and add water.

Step three: Whitening
Cleansing and skin tone, take the appropriate homeopathic TM Whitening Moisturizing Cream evenly onto face and neck skin. It is rich in moisturizing factor, a natural amino acids and whitening nutrients, the unique advantage of technology to enhance whitening purifying effect, can dilute the sun and other environmental factors spots and dull skin, while inhibiting pigment formation, slow generation of new spots , giving you long-lasting whitening care, while complementing the skin deep water, juicy translucent skin, maintain skin elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, restore moist white.

Please use the above steps once each day, sooner or later, you will have a warm white youthful skin.

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