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[MT ]Five tips for selection of thermal underwear

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The weather is getting cold thermal underwear hot

The weather is getting cold, a reminder to fire thermal underwear market. Reporter recently visited the market, not just the big shopping malls, and even the villages the size of clothing and thermal underwear promotional stalls are "group card Flurry", business innovation is still playing with the concept of fabric. But in the end what kind of thermal underwear is better, many consumers did not know.

The concept of fabric "rampant


Salaam What is warm? Several customers holding a thermal underwear was asked the shop assistant on "before the bright on the street a certain brand of thermal underwear counter, the clerk said:" This is a new material added to the thermal underwear, warm and even better. "In addition, under the banner of" warm velvet, "according to Cox," Modal "name thermal underwear business hung in a prominent position.

So thin clothing can really warm? "A clothing store in the way of peace, the reporter, pointing to a set of self-cultivation" warm underwear, ask the salesperson, "This is a Leica, of course, to keep warm!" There Lycra is just clothes and elastic, is not it will warm you? "hey, as long as the personal, on warm!" when asked about sales, the conductor said: "cold, and every day to sell a few Ten sets. "

The reporter saw these hanging a new term as a sign of thermal underwear in general are given by the clerk of the magic thermal effect, the price is tens of dollars on the hundred dollars more expensive than ordinary cotton underwear. "Do not say consumers do not understand our own is also little knowledge on these warm materials, which goods will sell into what but the price point of view, thermal underwear has entered the era of meager profit, in the past are a set of two or three hundred dollars of underwear are now able to buy two sets of a lingerie shop owner Miss Chang admitted to reporters.

"An endless stream of new textile fibers, the name of dazzling. Professionals told reporters that the market warm material" a new term, usually the manufacturer in the original polyester, acrylic added to certain chemical composition, change the molecular structure starting a new name, this acrylic, polyester. The so-called "charcoal color Ram, modal, according to Cox," In fact, only some of the additives added to your underwear, more or less play a warm effect. "Like charcoal, bamboo extract after heat treatment carbon black is added to polyester, polyurethane, or acrylic, does have a certain amount of thermal effects, but these components to join the proportion is not very high in the underwear, and the price of money contrast, the price is not very high. "


Thermal rate of> 30% can be called thermal underwear(Next )

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