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, "Tower" brand known as synonymous with "parameter regulated power supply in the power industry. Tower licensing parameters regulated power sales, far ahead of the other competitors, retaining its position as the country with the industry first, the occupation of a the parameters regulated power supply for half of the market, and "Tower" brand indisputable parameters regulated power supply areas The first brand. Production of the "Tower Power" of Luoding Radio Technology Co., Ltd., from a little-known border mountain districts of local state-owned small businesses, the development of the influential and well-known companies in the industry, and their answer is: "adhere to technical innovation and institutional innovation. "

    Technological innovation, establish product advantages
A local state-owned radio factory was established in 1970, in a small border mountain counties of Guangdong Province, Luoding County the (retreat County a city), she is the birthplace of the "Tower Power", of Luoding Radio Technology Co., Ltd., the predecessor - Luoding County has a long history of radio factory.
The reform and opening up, the beginning of the 1980s, regulated power supply industry is quietly undergoing a fundamental technological change. Off this regulated power supply technology innovation boom, it is the domestic new generation of high anti-jamming special wide regulator clean power - Tower brand CWY exchange parameters regulator regulator Luoding County radio factory (now Romania the given Radio Technology Co., Ltd.) and Guangzhou Electrical Apparatus Research Institute successfully pioneered in 1984.
The the Tower brand CWY exchange parameters regulator in the market, not only in the domestic industry caused a sensation more on marketing Trifecta, have followed a variety of honors. However, in the face of numerous honors, Tower and not slow down. They insist on technological innovation, advance from victory to victory, have developed a JH exchange regulator purification power, CWY series three-phase AC parameters regulator the CWY II Series AC parameters regulator, SGWY series three-phase AC induction regulator, WPWY The frequency stabilized power supply and other products.
With a steady stream of self-support of technological innovation, "Tower Power" by the high number of national key projects, fine, sharp equipment, Xichang, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Station, Guangdong Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station and other important economic entities, scientific research departments and projects are important users of the "Tower Power", "Tower power quality and reliability is evident.

Institutional innovation, stimulate growth dynamics
When the brilliant "Tower Power" into the 21st century, and our other small and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, with the deepening of the enterprise market, the problem of the "system" has become the bottleneck of the further development of the constraints "Tower Power", The Tower again face a profound choice - institutional innovation.
In August 2004, under in Yunfu municipal government of Guangdong Province, Luoding municipal government and relevant departments of the coordination and support, "Tower Power" finally through an open tender smooth realization of a successful restructuring. The Luoding Radio Technology Co., Ltd. was established, outstanding private entrepreneurs in the South the right to aromatic become the new leader of the "Tower Power".
After the establishment of the new company, in Southern rights aromatic led immediately proceed with the reform of management, technology, product quality and other aspects. The company hired a senior who served as a well-known domestic enterprises as the general manager; the high salaries Distinguished a number of higher institutions of power, power experts to join within the line of comparative advantage in the technical core strength to maintain, for the company39s development laid a solid foundation.
In sales, the company boldly marketing professionals, to expand the marketing team, and with the dealer and win-win "concept, the introduction of a filing system and standardize the behavior of their own marketing a number of measures to encourage dealers to vigorously expand the market to expand the company39s sales network. Through the development of more scientific sales network management system, the company and many sellers closer win-win situation, the old and new vendors to further strengthen mutual trust on the the Tower product and company. Tower power "after the restructuring advantages in capital, technology, management began a huge role to play in the market, the company sales booming.
Quality, strict implementation and passed the ISO9001: 2000 certification, the company not only strict quality control, and operate strictly in accordance with the process, establish a sound quality management system, quality management system, scientific, can "Tower Power" has continuous improvement of the ability to continuously improve product quality.
Technically, "Tower Power" on the basis of the original has a number of patents, continue to increase R & D investment in the organization of new product development, the purchase of the most advanced technology development and equipment, the introduction of international advanced "value engineering analysis system management tools, to ensure that the tower power, steady as a Tower "truly. The company also specializes in new products reward fund company in the case of ensuring the technical staff basic income, pushing the wall into the sea, new products on the market to achieve sales, by a certain percentage to extract huge amounts of bonus rewards appropriate technical personnel, in the distribution of real the ability of people to get rich first. Policy innovation, greatly stimulated the enthusiasm for innovation of the company39s technical engineers.
Southern rights Fang, the leader of the "Tower Power" visionary, conform to the trend of environmental protection and energy saving, targeting the high-end power market, invested heavily in cooperation with many famous Institute, the research and development of the world today is the leader in the "green parameters regulator device "and" low-voltage distribution system power quality controller, and applied for a national patent, "the Tower power" in the market once again seize the initiative of "technological innovation". Industry experts predict that the domestic power industry will once again set off a new industrial and technological innovation boom.

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