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Xianjinlun Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale LED manufacturers. Company set LED R & D, production, engineering in one, strong technology leadership. LED display various types of R & D, production and maintenance of a years of experience and ability. The company39s products range existing indoor and outdoor monochrome screen section, information screens, dual-color Screen, indoor and outdoor full color display and other products, because the system complete, stable operation, reliable quality, praised by users.
   Modern information society, the media as a man-machine information visual display products and technologies to the rapid development of display technology into the 21st century will be the era of flat panel display, LED display as a flat panel display, one of the leading products will undoubtedly have greater development, and is likely to become a mainstream product representative of the 21st century, flat panel display. China Shenzhen City Display Co., Ltd. LED display, while the scale of the development, product innovation, the development of the 256-level grayscale video control technology with the world39s leading cluster warp control, multi-level group control technology LED screen control technology.
   LED electronic display as the fifth largest media "continued television, radio, newspapers, magazines, TV wall, plasma displays, magnetic flap, neon signs and other media compared with less power consumption, high life, color bright, etc., are widely used in large-scale outdoor advertising displays, Financial Exchange, railway, civil aviation, sports stadiums, highways, halls, railway stations, ports, hospitals, tax, large shopping malls, the monitoring center until the place.
    Xianjinlun support under the leadership of the Group, has formed an independent design, construction, development, sales, maintenance, after-sales service network, the company and all their employees for a college education, a professional certificate of title, the company is developing new technology products, More importantly, Xianjinlun in the "down-to-earth man, under the guidance of the duty were operating" business philosophy, and strive to make the company more to a new level!

    Over the years, our customers have been dozens of cities throughout western Shaanxi, Gansu, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Ningxia and other provinces (regions). The company39s engineering is widely used in government, banking, securities, transportation, tobacco, petrochemical, power, telecommunications, taxation, hospitals, schools, hotels, shopping malls, talent market place.


Our approach:

      Devote themselves to creating value for customers ready to meet customer needs

Our goal:

      To prevent the emergence of non-conforming product, to provide customers with high-quality, safe, reliable LED display products and services.

Our practice:

      Establish a quality management system with international standard ISO9001 Quality mode;
      Through the use of new technologies, new processes, and constantly improve the level of product quality;
      Provide effective training to ensure that the workers qualified for their own work;
      Regularly review the effectiveness of the quality system, and continued to improve its operating performance;
      Great importance to the views of customers and reflect, and take appropriate corrective measures.

Our working principle:

      Ordinary to create the extraordinary detail quality cast

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086 029-87839331(4线中继)
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086 029-87812671
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China_Shaanxi Province_Xi'an
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[MT ]Gentlefolk Room 304, South Gate Centre Street, Xi39an, Shaanxi Province, No. 101, Postal Code: 710068
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