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[MT ]Beijing Kaiwei monitoring equipment company [Not certified ]
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[MT ]Gejing Li, Mr. Sun
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086 13810583633,13520442225
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The Beijing Xin Chi Heng Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, is Kingvee / Kaiwei the brand monitoring equipment manufacturers the Beijing Security Association, the company selling HD monitoring equipment, while assisting customers to carry out the contract of the security project, including project design, tender after the successful implementation of the project technical guidance, full-service invoice.
        The company has achieved qualification and Honor:
        1, security engineering enterprises secondary qualifications
        2, ISO9000 quality management system certification
        3, Zhongguancun high-tech enterprises
        4, computer software copyright registration certificate
        5, security enterprise network visibility hundred companies
        6, AAA integrity outstanding enterprises
        7, one hundred integrity security vendors
        Kivi has the core technology research and development capabilities, solid product manufacturing strength, large-scale system solutions solving ability is one of the leading security companies in the security industry. The company goal is to provide customers with a comprehensive, multi-functional, all-round security industry chain service platform, to play and to play an extremely important role and function in the security monitoring applications of all walks of life and safety management.
        According to the the Tuo Kaiwei strong brand awareness and research and development manufacturing capacity and efficient marketing network, composed by the thousands of highly qualified engineering partners, Kaiwei in the promotion of a strong marketing and operations management, of Kaiwei security monitoring products in China sales in the market every year substantial growth, Kivi has become an important brand of the video surveillance industry.
         Kaiwei provide products and programs have a lot of use to all walks of life: chain, finance, roads, defense, justice, education, airports, railway stations, intelligent buildings, factories and mines, energy, electricity, hospitals, stadiums .. .... throughout the country successfully applied to numerous model projects, Order of the "leadership industry, dissemination of technology" business purposes, to serve the community and contribute to the community to make its due contribution to world peace, peace.

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086 010-82872655
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[MT ]Sales Address: Haidian South Road, the era of the 19th Network Building, 9th floor, factory address: Sakata Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen Zhongxing Road 20 Core Tech Park
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