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[MT ]The Chongqing Jiang increasing Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. [Not certified ]
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Gorges increasing Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is part of the world39s top 500 of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., located in the Jiangjin District, the company was founded in 1966, employs more than 1,000 people. Promoted to the national level in 1991; 2005 won the first honorary title of "National Civilized Unit"; 2007 won the first honorary title of "National Model Labor Relationship"; 2011 was awarded the honorary title of "National Model Home" .

The company is one of the strongest set of technical research, product development, manufacturing as one of professional exhaust gas turbocharger enterprise. Bear the national research and development projects; currently has more than 30 patented technologies; access to more than 70 projects of national and ministries and other incentives, including two for the National Science and Technology Progress Award; company39s products won the national silver medal. The company achieved the ISO9001 international quality system standard certification, TS16949 quality system standard certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, and continued.

The company is mainly engaged in the turbocharger, high-speed centrifugal compressor units, industrial steam turbines, low-power gas turbine research and development, production and services; large low-speed marine diesel engine exhaust valve bodies and fuel pump exhaust valve drive mechanism, Wärtsilä electronically controlled smart diesel engine fuel supply unit, common rail unit, 2,751 sets of production and services; company39s products with a variety of structural types and a variety of bearing types to adapt to different uses turbomachinery product needs. The company has an annual output of 15,000 tons of castings foundry capacity, with all kinds of ductile iron parts rough and all kinds of no manufacturing capacity margin precision rough castings.

The company is a national high-tech enterprise with Chongqing municipal technology center, with the National Development and Reform Commission awarding the National Engineering Laboratory of Marine Power System - Turbocharger laboratory, has a post-doctoral research station. Chongqing University jointly established the Joint Engineering Center; set up jointly with the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics "Power Engineering Center; formation of a multi-level, multi-field open technical cooperation. The company has a relatively complete system of R & D, from conceptual design, simulation and analysis, performance prediction, virtual assembly, machining simulation and prototype, dynamic balance test, speed test, performance test of the complete system and improve turbomachinery research and development system, to ensure the technological progressiveness and the one-time success, with high-speed centrifugal compressor, a variety of type turbines, as well as bearing system as the core of a strong product design and manufacturing capabilities.

The company39s R & D and manufacturing aeration blowers with independent intellectual property rights, to reach the advanced level of similar products in the world, to fill the gaps. Currently, the company aeration blower has been formed own brand the JTCC product series, can satisfy the needs of the domestic scale municipal sewage treatment plant. The company belongs to Chongqing, large industrial steam turbine company with R & D, production of all types of small and medium power industrial steam turbine capacity, to provide steam turbine equipment. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Kunshan, Jiang Jin Machinery Co., Ltd. is the largest intelligent low-speed marine diesel engine fuel supply unit, common rail unit suppliers. Intelligent diesel engine fuel supply unit only get Wartsila awarded the certificate of "recognized qualified supplier suppliers.

Formed based machining precision CNC equipment production capacity and material heat treatment capacity; various testing equipment in the length measurement, measurement of spatial dimensions, physical and chemical testing, failure analysis, chemical analysis, non-destructive testing of testing methods ; have dynamic balancing, overspeed test, thermal dynamics machine test assay conditions. The successful application of ERP systems for production and operation management.

In Kunshan, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Chengdu, Yulin, Luoyang, Wuxi, Laiyang other cities, the company set up branches and service station, to provide users with timely and efficient service. The company will the "Hing ship to serve the country, innovation beyond" Group spirit as a guide around the own brand turbo, turbomachinery high-tech products, smart diesel engine professional supporting development goals, play development and production of professional and technical advantages, service users, contributing to society, and create a better future.

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