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[MT ]China Xianyang health products factory [Not certified ]
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China Xianyang Xianyang, Shaanxi 505 group companies 505 magic strength bags and its family of health supplies only exclusive manufacturer of health care products factory, it is by national experts who have made outstanding contributions the disease outside the famous contemporary governance practice home, the Ninth CPPCC National Committee members the founder of Professor Lai Huiwu, located in the beautiful livable ancient city of Xianyang in Shaanxi urban areas.
   Science and technology, education, culture, health, sports, older people, people with disabilities, disaster areas, poor households and other China Xianyang health products factory created since 1989 to date, did not want the state has invested a penny, state taxes and fund social welfare undertakings amounted to more than 6500 million, including the financing of education in more than 5000 million to establish 12 Hope primary schools in poor areas of Shaanxi, Tibet, Yunnan, rescue tens of thousands of children out of school. Acquisition acquisition of Chinese herbal medicines in more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, to over 50,000 Yaonong poverty, more than 500 million yuan for social accumulated contribution.
   China Xianyang health care products factory main products: the 505 magic Genki bag (adult women, children, dual-core type), 505 magic knee, 505 magic Shoulders, 505 magic Yaozhen, 505 magic Waistguard 505 magic Kin brain hat, 505 magic Kin bra, care sachets the Parkland Yuye, ginkgo tea, Eucommia, Kun Yue stickers, God should be affixed Tongmai Lee tamped Dundun vinegar, neck and Leisure wet dressing agent, ginkgo tea drinks, etc..
   More than 20 years of history since the advent of China Xianyang health products factory production of 505 magic strength bags and its products, amounting to thousands of patients relieve or reduce pain, selling the country and into more than 100 countries and regions in the world, won domestic and international, including 136 awards, including the National Spark Award, people from all walks of life both at home and abroad as "the miracle of medical history, physical illnesses treasures, gifts for friends and relatives treasures." Had been subjected to the kind attention of the national leaders of three generations have created the myth of the annual sales of over a hundred million.
   The 505 magic strength bags and products is characterized by the disease outside the governance, external disease outside the rule, "Jane, we experience inexpensive". Of traditional medicine that vital qi, evil can not do. 505 magic series set of prevention, treatment, and health, Trinity, navel Shenque Point and other parts of transdermal absorption, acupoint stimulation (moxibustion, massage), the meridian system conduction, training up their strength, Jianpiyishenfang adjust blood balance The yin and yang, thus achieve physical fitness, prevent disease, and improve the role of the body39s immune system and disease resistance, used say good. We will be happy to provide the best products for our consumers and dealers, best price, high-quality, safe and efficient service, would like to the magic 505 products bring friends healthy and happy and auspicious!
   Human health, director of the Institute of the United Nations Association of China, Honorary Research Fellow of the China Academy of TCM health products factory manager in China Xianyang, Shaanxi Xianyang 505 HealthCare Corporation manager, Xianyang, Shaanxi 505 Group Company president and party secretary Professor Lai Huiwu, named national model workers and 136 awards, won the "May Day" Labor Medal, the national experts who have made outstanding contributions, the 14th session of the World in New York inventor Expo World inventor awards. In 1995, San Francisco Mayor Frank Farm Mr. Jordan awarded a certificate praising to Huiwu the medical field distinguished inventors, humanitarians, world-renowned medical experts "and named on October 2, 1995 as "the city of San Francisco to Professor Huiwu, Day. Party and state leaders have met to Hui Wu comrades, former Vice Premier Deng Jiahua inspected 505 group companies, said: "to Comrade Huiwu is a very outstanding talent".
   The 505 Group is moving to the diversification, modernization and internationalization of direction to establish a base in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and gradually expand into new business areas, and make a greater contribution to carrying forward the traditional culture of the Chinese medicine, and to promote the cause of human rehabilitation.

Main products or services: 505 magic strength bags (adult); the 505 magic vitality Bag (Women type); 505 magic the Genki bag (childhood type); 505 magic strength bags (dual-core); 505 magic kneepads; 505 magic medicine the pillow; 505 magic Waistguard; 505 magic Shoulders; 505 Tongmai Lee tamped; 505 Kun Yue paste; 505 God should be affixed; the 505 magic Kin bra; 505 ginkgo Tea; 505 Eucommia; 505 magic brain cap; 505 shoulder neck Recreation poultice; 505 the Parkland Yuye wine; 505 health sachets; 505 Dundun balsamic vinegar; 505 ginkgo tea Industry: Other health supplies; sleep health supplies; bone and joint rehabilitation supplies; wine, health wine; Other health food

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086 86 029 33289596
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[MT ]Qindu District, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province, China, the 19th Lok Yuk North (505 mailboxes), Zip: 712000
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