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Kunming Electrical Machinery Plant Co., Ltd., in the decades of development process, a profound experience to an enterprise only improve the quality of their products, the development of high-quality branded products, in order to remain invincible in the fierce market competition. Especially in the rapid development of the socialist market economy, as well as the integration of the global economy today, Yunnan Province as an important border open inland provinces, our portals for Southeast Asia. Striving for brand-name products, promotion of enterprise development, to protect the interests of consumers, but no harm good thing. For this reason, I decided to actively participate in the "Yunnan Famous Brand" products to declare the work, and strive to once again become the Yunnan brand-name products.
    Kunming Electrical Machinery Plant Co., Ltd. Kunming Electrical Machinery Plant (founded in 1936) in 1996 by Kun Zheng Fa [1996] No. 39 "four departments of the Commission for Restructuring the Economy, Kunming and other Kunming Electrical Machinery Plant, the modern enterprise system views after discrete restructuring Kunming Electrical Machinery Plant in the premise of the original corporate name, legal personality and state-owned nature reserved, the use of corporate property to the City, the state-owned assets management department to confirm the operating net assets as an investment, with the ESOP Association The jointly established Kunming Electrical Machinery Plant Co., Ltd.. Kunming Electrical Machinery Plant Co., Ltd., Kunming Electrical Machinery Plant representatives of state-owned shares, the production of operating assets, goodwill, technology, patents, etc. have all been put into Kunming Electrical Machinery Plant Co., Ltd., Kunming Electrical Machinery Plant Co., known as "China the cradle of the motor industry, the Chinese motor, hydropower equipment production backbone enterprises, key enterprises in Yunnan Province, Yunnan Province, large type (II) machinery manufacturing enterprises. Hydropower equipment production capacity and market share in the first ranks of Yunnan Province. 1992 national import and export rights, in March 2006 through the National IS09001: 2000 quality management system certification, since 1990 has more than ten consecutive years was named Kunming re-credit, keep the contract "units.
    Company39s existing staff of 1155 people, including: engineering and technical personnel of 148 people, 34 people, senior engineer 96 people, provincial (ministerial level) 4 experts, municipal experts; undergraduate education employees 89 people, college education of employees 212 people, mainly distributed in the company39s technology, marketing and management departments.
    The company39s fixed assets at cost 104.77 million yuan, enterprise covers an area of ​​250,000 square meters, the production area of ​​130,000 square meters, with 934 sets of production equipment, the main production equipment 280 sets, fine, large, rare equipment 60 sets, the equipment new coefficient of 58.06%, including: C52100 of ten m vertical lathe Russia introduced HC212 boring and milling machine, Germany, the introduction of the N8-A800-6-28 high-speed punch reached advanced domestic level. Mechanical, insulation, physical and chemical laboratory equipment built mostly from developed countries such as Japan, Germany, Switzerland imported high-precision equipment. Provides a solid foundation for assurance KEM electrician licensing product quality. Formed a set of constantly consolidate product quality assurance system and effective advanced detection system in six decades, production management, from market research, development, design, production and technical preparation, procurement and supply, manufacturing, inspection, sales , user services, such as product quality and the formation of the whole process, both in the control of the state certified quality assurance system, KEM electrician brand products apart from ensuring that the interests of the country, the Ministry and professional standards, and achieve IE [. , ANSI, NEMA, DIN, BS, JiS foreign advanced standards in order to meet the special requirements of the user.
    Company pillar KEM electrician licensing small and medium-sized hydroelectric power equipment and the AC motor two categories, has repeatedly won the the ministry and Xingyouchanpin title, in addition to selling the domestic market, but also exported to North America, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia markets. The company exports in 2005 amounted to $ 2,050,000, power generation equipment, production capacity of 600,000 kilowatts, product impact, Francis, Axial given (rpm) paddle, applicable to the head 10 to 1000 meters, stand-alone capacity 400-100000 kilowatts and in 2005 was named the "Yunnan Famous Brand" title, by my company to design, production, installed in households in Yunnan Province Song River Power Station crew hit the domestic impact Chiller largest installed capacity (21MW) the number of nozzles up (4 nozzle) national record. The newly signed Yunnan Yingjiang Lane another 90,000 kilowatts of power station stand-alone unit will enable the company and Yunnan hydropower equipment manufacturing level and on an important level. AC motor annual production capacity of 60 million kilowatts, Y, Y2 and derived series specifications Y series motor derived over the years has been well received by all kinds of enterprises and the vast rural areas of the user39s favorite; Y2 series motor is the most complete national specifications, developed one of the earliest manufacturers, the main varieties of the companies currently export to the European market, its derived series the YR2 motor, a good reputation and the market in Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. The KEM electrician brand motor in 1996 was named one of the top ten best-selling motor brand. Produced special motor by GJB/Z9002-96 quality system standard certification, and supporting OEMs praised the investment of more than 13 million special motor technological transformation project has been noticed. The company was named in 2005 in Kunming Area Industry 100 41 strong, ranked 94 in the Kunming area industrial enterprise tax contribution i00 name. The state has increased investment in electricity, the Yunnan provincial government and power as a pillar industry in Yunnan Province, the the company accumulated hydroelectric equipment orders reached 650 million yuan as of May 2006, the the motor average monthly value of nearly 8 million yuan, the production The task is very full, which is obviously a good reputation with the company39s products and product quality are inseparable. To this end, Kunming Electrical Machinery Plant Co., Ltd. hopes to once again become the Yunnan brand-name enterprises to contribute to the economic development of Yunnan.

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