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[MT ]Run base, Zhongshan City Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. (formerly Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan Art crystal dispensing process plant) [Not certified ]
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086 13450973650,15718490122
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Run base, Zhongshan City Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. (Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan Art crystal dispensing process plant) is a set of research and development of crystal glue series and crystal glue fabrication production in one enterprise.
Epoxy crystal glue series after vigorously devoted to research and development, the introduction of advanced technology and raw materials of the research community with sophisticated production and testing equipment. Has developed a planar soft and hard plastic, arc plastic, polished plastic, arc painted plastic, electronic potting compound high-quality products. Combined with effective marketing proposal marketing strategy, and strive to provide customers a full range of services and technical advice, training, guidance. Therefore, for the products in the market has laid a solid competitive advantage.
       Crystal glue craft production center as relying on a strong R & D and large-scale production. Is now composed of a large, professional, fully automated rapid dispensing fabrication production line, and the development of lighting accessories (downlights, ceiling lamps, wooden lamps, etc.), smart card crystal glue, the nameplates Epoxy, signs Epoxy, Epoxy stickers, metal jewelry, Epoxy, craft glass epoxy, wood products, plastic drop, dumb chocolate board Dripping Epoxy fabrication. New brand concept, quality service, partners interactive win-win market strategy efforts to expand domestic and foreign markets.
     Responsibility "to meet customer needs" partners interactive win-win situation for the purpose of "branding-oriented" for China-based brand business philosophy. Comprehensive sustainable development, and return to the community spirit of the play a variety of power resources to achieve the highest common interest "of China-based principle,

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086 0760-22133281、22133282、22133283、22129822
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086 0760-22129833
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China_Guangdong Province_Zhongshan City
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[MT ]Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, Yongning Industrial Road, China Industry Road, on the 7th
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