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Traffic is the joy of the ladder, safety is the cornerstone of life!

    The Shennan company specializing in the production and R & D of high-grade road traffic safety facilities, collection of sales, construction and installation of one of the specialized one-stop service, the company developed a variety of own brand products, "Shennan brand products After many years of practical application of continuous product improvement and enhancement, many certainly the industry and customers.

    In recent years, the the Shennan brand products emerging in major event security facilities and products on the list of requirements, such as the Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games and Shenzhen Universiade has been widely used. We will uphold the the Shennan products and services consistently high demand the purpose of trying to established itself as the industry pioneer.

    The company has a group of professional knowledge of the business elite team of experienced construction team Shennan Shennan39s Shanghai Chong Road Traffic Facilities Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional traffic engineering project construction unit.

    Quality [Shennan] plus professional [the InnoPath] team, production, supply, and the design and construction of a one-stop service provider - the Shennan company, we would be very honored and look forward to provide you with the highest quality products and the most professional service!

Shennan Overview

    Shennan company one of the family members of the alliance enterprises as the transport infrastructure industry, with Shanghai as the center, production base is located in Guangdong, Guangxi, Zhejiang and other members of the family business around the country part of the large cities, and their respective production and development of different strengths products, making us the most competitive advantages of family businesses. Shennan was founded in Shanghai, as one of the important members, we have a large proportion of own products, relying on highly competitive products and services across the country, municipal, real estate development, residential property, factories, and other transportation facilities needs groups .

Shennan purpose

    Material appropriate price to provide customers with products, customer demand for convenient and thoughtful service!

Shennan career

    We are committed to provide the most professional products and services of the transport facilities for the municipal road traffic safety infrastructure, and contribute to efforts to pull the urbanization process in China, but also actively to improve the safety of the residential area and supporting facilities for the national community to create a beautiful and safe living environment and to strive for.

The Shennan culture and values

    Courage to take the initiative to undertake the social responsibility;
    Courage to take the initiative to undertake family responsibilities;
    Courage to take the initiative to undertake the work responsibilities.
    Strive to create a hundred percent customer satisfaction, and think customers think, want customers to think!
    In good faith the customer39s perspective to think about the problem and strive to meet customer needs.

Our main series of main products of the four major categories of products:

    Area (parking lot) and supporting facilities - car parking charges, Barrier, pedestrian access gates, guard posts, deceleration zone, reflectors, parking lock, locator, Corner Road and along the slope groove board, epoxy floors and other supporting infrastructure;

    · Road Traffic Safety Facilities - road markings, parking dash of color to identify non-slip pavement, traffic signs, traffic sign posts, traffic signal pole, reflective spike, reflective outline standard warning column, road cones, baton, hand-held stop sign, water horse, fence, side of the road, crash barrels and other road safety accessory products;

    Supporting facilities of solar electronics - solar signs, solar yellow flashing lights, solar lights, solar road blocks lights, solar warning lights, Solar Road Stud, Solar outline standard solar parking lock, solar baton such as solar electronic safety related products;

    Safety alert class ancillary products - retractable stainless steel railings, A word signs, vertical signs, multi-functional outdoor signs, warning tape, warning chain, warning rod, reflective vests, reflective film, luminous film, Vinyl. warning stickers and other security warning ancillary products.

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