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Tianjin Dole Health Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, is headquartered in Xiqing District, is a specialized R & D, production, sales, high-tech functional fabrics series health products of large enterprises, but also the earliest to enter the health care function high-tech enterprises of the clothing industry.
      The Dole Sport has a large number of excellent staff and professional research team, and a modern large-scale research and development centers. With Japan, the United States, the latest scientific instruments and complete sets of production equipment, using the most advanced RTC polymer curing technology, the development of a new generation of functional products, nanoscale photon energy range of products and the magnetic power bed series, has been formed to "multi- Lekang based brand health care apparel, health protectors class, sleep system, health care equipment, functional water generators, five series, more than 80 varieties, more than 160 specifications, with independent strong intellectual property products.
      Dole Kang stringent product quality requirements, the establishment of a quality management system with international standards. With advanced production facilities and scientific and strict quality management, the Dole Kang "brand far infrared magnetic health care series, the Tianjin Bureau of Technical Supervision, the Tianjin Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianjin chemicals toxicity identification such as the inspection agency special inspection, the indicators have reached the national standard.
      Dole and Sport as a large high-tech companies, they developed a product contains a crystallization of the world39s most cutting-edge technology, including the application of nanotechnology, magnetic power, and bio-genetic and other high-end technology developed in the far infrared , negative ion clothing and bedding of the bio-magnetic series, breaking the traditional way to "eat" as the main health care theory to truly realize the dream of people dressing care, the focus of world attention.
      The Lekang multi-company and its products has been the Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianjin University, Nankai University, Tianjin chemicals toxicity identification, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the State Intellectual Property Office and other departments strongly support.
Dole and Sport for its solid strength, excellent corporate culture, high-quality high-tech products, improve logistics and after-sales service, has won many other awards.
       ► Dole Sport Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in 1999.
       ► 2000 was named "New Century Excellent Enterprise"
       ► 2 001 by the China Social Investigation Office granted the title of "China39s business model unit.
       ► in 2003, Tianjin Quality Supervision, Inspection and identified as the quality of the casting integrity insurance, hundreds of corporate integrity unit ".
       ► China Quality Inspection Association in 2003 was awarded the "double-standard advanced enterprises.
       ► 2003 Tianjin Quality and Technical Supervision Office to grant a "technical supervision of a fair product.
       ► 2003 first to introduce the the YH energy "magnetic power" series of health products.
       ► 2005 Enterprise Development Research Center awarded the title of the new century excellent product ".
       ► 2005 Enterprise Development Research Center awarded the title of "China recognized 10 well-known brand".
       ► 2005 Enterprise Development Research Center awarded the "new century" honorary title.
       ► 2009, Yuanfeng Long, chairman of Chinese brands Committee as vice chairman of the national brand commissioned industry
       ► In July 2009, Dole Kang Chinese brands Committee as "Chinese industry innovation and development of outstanding enterprises"
       ► July, in 2009 Dole Sport brand is the brand committee as the "industry to promote brand
       ► In July 2009, and more music for the series of products of Chinese brands Committee as "Chinese industry recommended the product.
       ► In January, 2010, and more music for the series of products CHC National High-tech Promotion of Quality Supervision, Working Committee as "Chinese famous brand" units.
       ► In 2010, Dole Kang obtain the ISO90001: 2008 quality management system certification.

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