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086 15516624818,13937348488
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Xinxiang the south of the Yellow River, the north, the Taihang and quiet of the Wei river flow through from the urban area over the world elegantly called "Little Hong Kong", is a shining pearl inlaid in plains of northern Henan.

Xinxiang has a long history, beautiful scenery and outstanding. There is the Makino war ancient battlefield of Zhou King Wu, Chen brought in Kuangyin full glory of the land bridge relay, to save more intact than the Ming Tombs, Beijing Lu Wuling, as well as the beautiful scenery of Bali Gou, Sumen Yamashita Baiquan Lake, a more contemporary film shooting base in King of Qi Zhai and Guo Liang .... everybody39s lips since the Zhang Liang Ci Qin. Volunteered the dry Coring historical story is well-known.

The Xinxiang Mayor Shing Machinery Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, in the prosperity of the city center to fly Middle Road, No. 118. This is a collection of scientific research, production, trade and services as one of the joint-stock enterprise entities, with independent legal personality. The company consists of five, three rooms, a new product exhibition hall, two new technical training centers and three food machinery, packing plant. Under the command of more than 100 employees, 60 percent have a college education is a strong scientific and technological enterprises.

For over a decade, the company hand in hand, researchers checkpoints wins narrow, rolled out a large number of outstanding scientific and technological achievements. Lazy letter by the superiors praise and our customers with enterprise restructuring to solve the re-employment of laid-off workers to help the rural surplus workers get rich painstaking effort and sweat, and made remarkable achievements.

Company technology products: fish tofu machine, the introduction of Taiwan39s technology to produce delicious, "the official told us," Simulation vegetarian units, trendy fresh potato flour (wire) machine, leisure and refreshing spicy food machine, people eating favorite tofu skin machine (1000 machine), as well as multi-function potato cutters, Liangpi machine Korean face (tendon surface) machine, tofu, string machine, yuba production equipment, steak, the Yuba chicken wings (artificial meat) machine, Meatball Machine sausage machine, noodle (corn noodles) machines, multi-functional pasta machine, roasted, Yujuan machine, the size of the pellet feed machine, color pasta machine, the oil surface production equipment and other dozens of new and innovative machinery, are undefeated company independent research and development, independent operators (and the other company is developing chemical, electronics, energy and other related products). These seemingly ordinary but in fact contain high tech equipment and technology has helped many small entrepreneurs to fulfill their rich dream, create a better economic and social benefits, in 2005 successfully province Department as the "science and technology enterprises in Henan Province". The same time, 2006 was recognized as "Top 10 credit units.

A friend, you are welcome to to Xinxiang come!

Hand undefeated, shopping malls dash;

Letter lazy undefeated commercial warfare invincible.

"Undefeated" willing to redouble our efforts and enthusiasm to help you design the future to help you change your life!

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086 0373-3037988
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086 0373-2189592
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China_Henan Province_Xinxiang City
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[MT ]Xinxiang City Road No. 118 Zip Code: 453000
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