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[MT ]Hubei Jiangnan Special Automobile Co., Ltd. (Dongfeng) [Not certified ]
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[MT ]Ganjing Li, Wei Jingli, Jingli, once manager
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Hubei Jiangnan Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is located in the Hometown of Shennong, the ancient music of the Township of the Eight Wonders of the bells, Dongfeng vehicles into the base - Suizhou. The models have all been on the national announcement, and certified by China Quality Certification Center. Company to strict quality control, quality management, one made to the "quality service, customer satisfaction products, famous brand of tree" for the corporate quality policy, with annual production of over 1500 cars modified car production capacity.

Established in 1998 by the competent government departments approved the formation of the state designated specialized vehicles converted enterprises, registered capital of 50 million yuan. Enterprise employees 783 people, including 26 senior engineers, economists 18, accountants, a variety of professional and technical personnel 185 people, has a college degree or above 392. The company covers an area of ​​50,000 square meters in Suizhou production area, all kinds of supporting the production of 200 units (sets), with an annual production of over 1500 cars modified car production capacity.

The main products of Dongfeng tanker series (4000L-60000L) the the Dongfeng sprinkler series (4000L-35000L), Dongfeng van, refrigerated, heat (0.85T-15T) series, bulk cement truck series (9m3-35m3) municipal services, sanitation series of special purpose vehicles (lorry loading crane, truck, wrecker, fire truck, water truck, suction truck, sewage suction trucks, high pressure cleaning truck, garbage dump truck, compressed dump truck) coach car and nine series, hundreds of varieties. The models have all been on the national announcement, and certified by China Quality Certification Center.

My company is strict quality control. First in quality management, quality service and build customer satisfaction products, famous brand of tree "for the corporate quality policy. Factory and offices (workshop), class three quality management system, and levels of quality responsibility system; the main assembly and safety components to implement competitive procurement, strict control, and requirements of the factory of other associations must be achieved ISO9000 certification and product quality to ensure business, external co-products of a factory calibration, long-term supply contracts signed before the review of technical conditions, production license, on the outside, there were two quality defects within one year Factory Association cancel the related qualification; is to strengthen all aspects of quality control of the production process, the operation of various processes impose rigorous documented work instructions, system, according to the instructions strictly tested.

The company increased the strength of new product development. Technically, capital, raw materials, to ensure that the need for new product development. Met with the joint development of Dongfeng, Shanghai Fire Research Institute, Hanyang Special Purpose Vehicle Research Institute, Wuhan University and other institutions with the domestic advanced level of fire engines, aerial vehicles wrecker, high pressure cleaning cars and other high technology content products, by customers of all ages.

In September 2004, the company39s main product tankers, water truck, truck customers in the western province of sample survey, the user selected as the most popular products. In the same year, was named Hubei consumer satisfaction units.

Strengthen internal management, actively carrying out the mechanism of "transfer, strengthening management, inner strength, and increase efficiency," activities, and the full establishment of modern enterprise management system with international standards within the enterprise, to achieve production in strict accordance with the national mandatory standards organizations production standardized procedures for management; in sales management, implementation of sales, sales process, service and dynamic information management.

We have the spirit of "customer satisfaction is our constant pursuit of" the quality of the target, toward the goal of "limited sales, unlimited service, dedication to customers and dealers to provide good quality products and attentive service, in good faith I hope to cooperate with customers to create a better tomorrow.

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