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[MT ]Dalian Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (formerly state-owned Dalian Refrigeration equipment manufacturer) [Not certified ]
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Dalian Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (the former state-owned Dalian Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing
Factory) is located in the beautiful scenery, pleasant climate and the southernmost tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, Dalian City Shuishiying. Company referred to as cold a large, cold country, the company was founded in 1971, is set of refrigeration compressors, refrigeration equipment, welded steel valve (patented product), the production of electronic control and one, two, three types of pressure container design and manufacturing as one of professional manufacturers.
The company has now obtained a series of qualifications, including: BR1 in class (a class pressure vessel) designed license Buy: RSPLN-272; A2 level (one, two, three types of pressure vessels) manufacturing license , No.: TS2210134-2009; refrigeration equipment installation license, Zhenghao: GZ Liao -040-06; International Quality System Certification: ISO9001-2000.
The factory covers an area of ​​30,000 m2, of which: machining workshop 2000 m2 assembly workshop of 1000 m2, 5000 m2 of the two pressure vessels riveting workshop, valves, electronic control assembly workshop of 1000 m2, 1500 m2 office building, canteen 1000 m2 aquatic products processing factory of 10,000 m2, and another laboratory, physical and chemical room, testing room, and other essential production processes.
The company existing staff more than 600 engineering and technical personnel more than 40 people, including 4 senior engineers, 8 engineers, assistant engineers 10 people, 10 technicians, and the remaining workers, technicians.
The company is equipped with: bending machine, shearing machine, automatic welding machine, dioxide gas shielded welding machine, sub-arc welding machines, hand welding machine, since the
Action, semi-automatic cutting machine, X-ray detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, tensile, impact, hardness testing machine, welding laboratory, chemical analytical instruments such as the large freezer processing equipment.
Leading products for refrigeration compressor (70 series, 100 series, 125 series, 170 series), various models of electronic control equipment, a variety of refrigeration equipment (condensers, and storage of ammonia, low pressure circulation bucket, ammonia oil separator ... ), various models of ammonia welded steel valve (patent products), IQF machine, frozen tunnel machine (temperature above -40 ℃) and refrigeration equipment supporting a variety of vertical, horizontal canned motor pump patented products, cryogenic liquid storage tanks (including liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon and liquid of CO2), gas purification equipment, one, two, three types of pressure vessels, etc.
The company, after many years of design, research, development, production, in a variety of marine host, the auxiliary field, with strong design capability, a strong production capacity, improve the service capacity, and reliable product quality, the Chinese ship dual recognition of classification societies and the Chinese fishing boat Inspection Service. I plant marine main engine structure design is reasonable, optimal design, more suitable for a variety of ship operations at sea. After years of development and design, the company39s marine main engine has become a series, which can meet the various requirements of different users. The company also based on the user39s requirements for design, in order to meet the special requirements of different users.
    The Company39s annual production value of economic benefits increase year by year, annual sales growth of 20% or more, in a leading position in the refrigeration industry, has made its due contribution to the country, I produced the patented products are safe, reliable, economical, durable in the market, more and more design, installation unit recognized and used.
The company has strict design, and manufacture of integrated quality assurance system, production, inspection and national technical supervision departments dispatched institutions - Dalian City, boiler and pressure vessel inspection carried out the inspection, the Inspection certificate issued after inspection before leaving the factory The company produces all products in accordance with national standards and enterprise standards for production, processing, manufacturing, installation, quality, reliable and trustworthy. Please new and old customers to purchase our products, but also to remind the user to beware of counterfeit products for my company brand production.
Dalian Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. all employees a warm welcome all over the country frozen sales outlets and food, cold
Frozen, chemical industry, new and old customers to visit our company and negotiate business.

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