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[MT ]Kaifeng Instrument Co., Ltd. (former Kaifeng Instrument Factory) [Not certified ]
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Kaifeng Instrument Co., Ltd. (former Kaifeng Instrument Factory) is a national large-scale backbone enterprises directly under the Ministry of Machinery Industry key enterprises, is China39s largest production and testing of the flow meter base is the development, production flow meter and flow measurement devices and Level Meter professional firms. National Water flow metering stations, 13 of the Machinery Industry, Measurement and Testing Center station, mechanical industrial flow meter product quality inspection center are located in the company. The National Water flow metering station is authorized by the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, and bear a flow meter water flow test in the country. In addition, the company has the most complete flow measurement calibration standard equipment, built large, medium and small water flow, gas flow, oil flow and actual flow of standard equipment and test equipment, our media than the flow range flow meter production and testing base, the real current detection of nominal diameter 3000mm flowmeter calibration.

The company was founded in 1958, covers an area of ​​about 180,000 square meters, existing staff 900 people, including 180 engineering and technical personnel (29 senior engineers, 76). Factories for over 50 years, to develop and produce industrial automation instrument of the four series of more than 90 varieties over 4000 specifications.
  Our company is a national level measurement advanced enterprise, high-tech enterprises in Henan Province has passed ISO9001 quality system certification in 1997. The main products are: OEM way from the UK ABB, the introduction of the design, manufacturing technology to produce the fifth generation of electromagnetic flowmeter, where E-mag X-Type is a fully intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, with a field bus Profibus DP and Profibus PA protocols, and from Japan Tokyo instrumentation company introduced the AM series metal tube float flowmeter 250 Series Intelligent metal tube rotameter, and my company39s own design and manufacture of turbine, round the waist, steam, orifice, venturi inside tube flow meter, intelligent traffic display The complete set of instrument and the flow metering device. The leading products reach the international advanced level, there are four products through the use of the acceptance of international standards, superior product 2, Shengyouchanpin 5. The company are equipped with automatic control systems engineering department, to undertake external self-control sets of projects.
  Our company is the first introduction of foreign manufacturers of electromagnetic flowmeter (1981), were listed as import substitution of high-quality products.
  E-mag electromagnetic flowmeter 19 97 have been identified as the only honor of the Chinese machinery industry brand-name products (Department of Electromagnetic Flowmeter manufacturers).
  E-mag electromagnetic flowmeter, was awarded the China Water Supply Association in 1998 recommended products.
  50 years, my company for the petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy, light industry, urban water supply drainage municipal construction, aerospace and other industries in China39s key state projects provides advanced and reliable measurement instruments and sets of flow measurement device; foreign aid The products have been exported to over 20 countries and regions.
  I produced electromagnetic flowmeter, Venturi tubes, etc. For many years a large number of selected large-scale projects to the construction of drainage municipal engineering, such as Shenzhen City Water Company belongs to the various water plants; Beijing, Zhengzhou, Anyang, Shanghai, Kunming, Maoming, water company in Xiamen, Qingdao, Liaocheng, Xiaoshan, Shaoxing, Huizhou, Shaoyang, Wuxi, Foshan, Nanning city-owned waterworks; Yellow River water supply project in Zibo, Jinan, Shizuishan, Tianjin Luan River to Tianjin Engineering, Guangdong Dongjiang Shenzhen Water Supply Reconstruction Project and was of one, two, three, four mechanical and electrical equipment supplier honor of the outstanding units, as well as foreign aid projects in the Mauritanian capital, water supply projects and Sri Lanka39s urban water supply projects.
  Metallurgical steel industry, such as Anshan, Wuhan, Baotou, Handan, Tangshan, Anyang, Xuanhua, Xingtai, Wuyang, Maanshan, Shougang, Linfen, Xiangtan, Lianyuan, Panzhihua, Jiuquan, Laiwu, Jinan, Kunming, etc. The big steel companies and steel mills selected from dozens to hundreds of I produced electromagnetic flowmeters used in continuous casting, blast furnace, and water treatment projects.
  Petrochemical and chemical industries, such as water supply and drainage factory of Yangzi Petrochemical, Liaoyang Petrochemical, Qilu Petrochemical, Maoming Petrochemical, Yizheng, Dandong Chemical Fiber company; Lanzhou, Luoyang refinery wastewater treatment projects; South Chemical Company, Lanzhou, Jilin of companies and other major chemical industry companies and Weifang Soda Ash Factory, Qingdao Alkali and fertilizer plants across the country, phosphate fertilizer plant39s key projects are a large number of selected I produced electromagnetic flowmeter.
  In the oil industry, the major oil fields such as: Daqing, Liaohe, Shengli, Zhongyuan, Henan,
Yumen, Jianghan, Jilin, Changqing, Qinghai, Tarim, Karamay, Turpan-Hami and other electromagnetic flow meter of the metal tube float, waist wheel, turbine, steam, vortex, throttling device and size of pipe flow measurement calibration device .

  I established 19 sales and service outlets in the major central city more conducive to a timely manner to provide users with convenient, fast and quality service. I wholeheartedly for the metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, light industry, municipal and industry to provide the ideal measurement instruments and quality service.
  In my company, users first "purpose, emphasis on product quality in a timely manner to provide users with high-quality debugging guidance, technical training, product maintenance, rehabilitation school and spare parts supply and other services.
  Our corporate objectives are: to cultivate first-rate staff, create first-class enterprise, create first-class products, the implementation of the first-class service!

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