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[MT ]Anhui Wandong popliteal the Mountain valve (Tianchang valve factory) [Not certified ]
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Anhui Wandong popliteal the Mountain valve (the Tianchang valve plant) located in the Yangtze River Wandong Pearl - Tianchang, facing the sea, south of ancient city of Nanjing, east of Yangzhou, Ning Lian, Ning places Xu, Ninghuai, Xu Yang highway runs through the territory is located in China39s economy the most dynamic economic areas of cooperation, has a good environment for economic development.

      Set everlasting Chemical pump works in community care and support, far from the security machinery, and a number of everlasting valve manufacturing industry pioneer units, businesses from small to large, pump and valve industry leader in high-tech enterprises in Anhui Province key enterprises in Anhui Province.

      Through the ISO9002 international quality system certification in 1996, 2002, the smooth progress of the ISO9001: 2000 version of the replacement work, the quality system is functioning properly, effectively, the management level by domestic and foreign experts.

     Our main products: 1 starch device class: starch cyclone, starch cyclone station, swirl tubes, centrifugal sieve desanding, vacuum dehydration, drying system, potato washing machine, in addition to stone machine, potato pump, rasp starch equipment, the MX-type starch pump, off the wind, fans, etc. (potatoes, beans)
2, valve class: explosion-proof alcohol pumps, self-priming pump of alcohol, alcohol, stainless steel pumps, explosion-proof self-priming pump, mobile self-priming pump, stainless steel self-priming pump, all stainless steel corrosion resistant pumps, IH chemical pump, IHF fluorine pump the pumps of the starch industry (IND pressure song starch sieve pump the NK cyclone starch pump, ZJB slurry pump, the XMB eliminate foam pumps, etc.), lysine process pumps, glutamic acid process pumps, evaporator pumps sorbitol process pumps, starch sugars pump, alcohol process pumps (liquefied mash pump, bad of mash pump, circulating pump of the fermenting mash, light wine pump, wash pump, feed pump crude tower, fine tower reflux pump, fusel oil pump , the aldehyde wine pump, etc.), methanol pump, CYB stamping pump, the CZ-type large-caliber chemical pump, no leakage chemical pump, potatoes pumps, high temperature thick slurry pumps, sewage pumps, liquor pump, pump, water pump, heat pump, liquid pumps, potato starch pumps, beverage pump, sugar pump, piping, pumps, beer, arts dedicated pumps, liquid pumps, vertical fire pump, vortex pump, ZJ clogging pulp pumps and a variety of types of valves, pipe fittings
3, mechanical product categories: high and low pressure steam injection liquefier, the single effect, double effect, three-way, four-effect evaporator
4, mechanical seal class: can be customized for users of various models of pump mechanical seal and autoclave with mechanical seal

      With the credibility of management, quality of survival, and rely on their own hard work has made considerable development, product market covering the whole country and exported to Southeast Asia for its power, petrochemical, brewing, paper industry and other systems engineering to provide excellent products and perfect service. Far security machinery to rapid changes in the spirit of the times with you to create the glory of the 21st century!

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