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[MT ]Water boat plastic packaging products [Not certified ]
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[Factory] water boat Plastic packaging products company, was established in June 2003, owns two plastic factories. Plastic workshop, packaging workshop, molding workshop and warehouse building area of ​​3,000 square meters, more than 40 skilled employees. The company has a fully automatic high speed vacuum forming machine, semi-automatic plastic making machine, plastic punching machine, plastic folding machine high frequency, packaging machine, packaging sealing machine, transparent folding box machine small punching machines, plastic mold making a full set of equipment and advanced plastic and peripheral equipment, and supporting facilities is extremely comprehensive printing and packaging outsourcing partners to meet the hardware and tools, IT electronic products, sports goods, toys, small appliances, crafts, makeup tools and cosmetics products The packaging needs. The main products are: plastic folding card blister, plastic tray, plastic mask, plastic box, transparent folding boxes, PS flocking rubbings, food trays and other plastic products, and the other for guests purchasing agent blister packaging in matching color cards, stickers, color box, display boxes, shock-proof packaging materials (EVA, EPE, PU, ​​etc.).
The company factory mainly produces: PVC, PET (of APET), GAG, PETG, and other transparent material folding card blister, blister card Blister, double blister, blister tray.
Second factory mainly produces: transparent PVC, PET, folding boxes, color PVC, PS, PP, flocking PS, flocking PVC and other materials, plastic tray, double blister, plastic boxes of food.
In January 2011, the company has passed the food packaging production license certification, professional purification food shop for guests production of packaging products required.
The company known especially in the production of folding card class bubble shell, with automatic folding machine, the production of blister 5-6 million, it can compensate for other deficiencies of the plastic factory in this respect. Another company has hundreds of ready-made molds of Beauty tools, guests can choose without extra mold costs.
Technological advantages of my factory plastic mold used in all the aluminum mold with water cooling system and chassis, compared with most other plastic used electroplated copper mold, obvious advantages: 1. Plastic mold durable, low loss ; own chassis to solve the problem of mold imposition, free make-up mold according to the size, free to buy raw materials, width, and thus significant cost savings; comes with cold water system. blister aluminum mold, plastic machine on from time to spray fog cooling device, so as to solve the problem with water stains on the plastic products, and plastic molding speed; 4. plastic molding reheating, so that the sheet is heated evenly, product quality and stability. A finding of blister finished mold all Die (yin and yang mode), rather than other plastic used iron die cutter or laser cutter, a fundamental solution to quality problems caused by the mold (the surface is not smooth and flash problems). Card bubble shell make-up tools ready-made mold, guests can not dig the mold costs, cost savings, I plant the production of blister is well-known enterprises in Shanghai as the exempting from inspection product.
[Main products] bubble shell word broad sense refers to all the plastic packaging products, including: blister, trays, plastic boxes, plastic masks. From a narrow sense is only transparent plastic products displayed in the supermarket, play the role of intuitive, landscaping and protection products. Blister synonyms, including: blister, vacuum hood, mask, plastic boxes, plastic case. Blister plastic packaging products, the application range is very wide, almost every manufacturing enterprises and trading companies should be used. The most versatile areas: supermarket goods, the inner lining of the paper packaging products, industrial parts and components flow trays and other.

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