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Audits alliance network Csr Alliance to become the "factory of China39s most professional inspection training institutions" for the development goals, has been working in China to promote corporate social responsibility, specifically for the CSCC, ITS, SGS and BV audits and other third-party notary training services, but also for the War-Mart, Kart-sears, Costco, Coca-cola, Macy39s, ANF, Argos, Levis, Guess, Saks Inc, Redcats, Nordstrom, Quiksilver, Target, Kohl39s, Carrefour, Gap, Nike, Office Depot , Disney, Tesco, Rebook, Adidas, Marlbo other plant certification inspection training, and ICTI, WAP, AVE, BSCI, ETI, SA8000 certification system, such as counseling services. Since its establishment, factory inspection alliance network has become the most professional inspection of factory and professional training institutions, has provided hundreds of factory audits in the counseling and guidance to help the factory through factory inspection, to successfully get their orders contribution, in terms of professionalism by the industry and factories at home. The company39s auditors honed over many years, has acquired China39s national conditions and certification requirements to meet a set of effective methods to help factories pass different situations, and associated plant certification inspection.

Our aim -
Worked out in line with the actual situation of the factory plant inspection services to help plants through plant inspection, get the orders.
Our mission -
Fully committed to helping create and maintain efficient plant management system to meet the current rapidly changing business needs. Anticipate our clients39 business risks, and efforts to make it to a minimum.
Our business philosophy -
Adhere to the "people-oriented, creating value for customers" business philosophy and dedication to customer service.
Our range of services -
1. Concept of propaganda
Through advocacy, training, seminars to enhance Chinese enterprises39 awareness of the importance of social responsibility, rising Chinese corporate social responsibility.
2. Work content
A. For the CSCC, ITS, SGS, BV and other third-party notary audits provide training services;
B. For the War-Mart, Kart-sears, Costco, Coca-cola, Argos and other plants to provide inspection services;
C. As ICTI, WAP, AVE, BSCI, ETI, SA8000 certification system to provide counseling and other services;
3. Academic research
Organizations based on China39s national conditions and corporate social responsibility research, practice for the Chinese enterprises to the theory of corporate social responsibility to provide guidance and support.
4. Exchange and cooperation
And ITS, SGS, BV, CSCC and other third-party notary work together, in-depth exchanges, factories and enterprises active service.
5. Public welfare
Has been dedicated to the cause of the country and make its due contribution to the public

Shanghai Alliance network under test plants pour Management Consulting Co., Ltd., North

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086 86-21-64138021,86-21-64137787
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086 86-21-64138871
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[MT ]Shanghai No. 6259 Humin buildings A1302 Yinxiao Room
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