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[MT ]Hangzhou Zeda Instrument Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang University, Electrical Equipment Factory) [Not certified ]
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Hangzhou Zeda Instrument Co., Ltd. is a company newly registered in 2006, Zhejiang University, before we are electrical equipment factory, because the State Department policy requires colleges and universities directly under the Ministry of Education is not the beginning of the school as the company39s rise, so the company restructured into Hangzhou Zeda Instrument Co., Ltd.. Hangzhou Co., Ltd. is seeking is a subsidiary of the environment, the main environmental issues the project. Our factory specializes in environmental monitoring and control equipment and laboratory equipment design, manufacturing and system integration, has a strong product development capabilities, over the years has successfully developed its own "temperature and humidity control device inspection", "artificial climate chamber" ( tissue culture lab), "Intelligent data (show) records Transmitter", "agricultural greenhouse environmental monitoring system" and other products. Has been widely used in industrial automation, agricultural research and production, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, HVAC, refrigeration storage, transportation, meteorology, hydrology, papermaking, environmental protection, archives, experimental (test) rooms, museums, electricity, tobacco and other fields.
    ZDR Series intelligent data logger, is the result of years of careful research to complete a new generation of data loggers, the logger small size, high precision, collect the record temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide, illumination, wind direction, wind speed, rainfall, voltage, current, PH , power, energy and other parameters, have been a number of national key laboratories, research units, CDC, biomedicine and Bright Dairy, Haagen Dazs, Motorola, Toshiba Group, Gree Group, and other enterprise applications, reflecting the very good.
    It combines data acquisition, recording and transmission in one, with a small volume (58 × 72 × 29mm), low power consumption (with lithium battery can work for 1 year), high reliability (adapted to the harsh environment, loss of power without loss of data) , multi-function (at the same time display and record multiple data records automatically generated graphs, the data collected can use special software or EXCEL, WORD processing and printing).
    Long tradition of recording the data is commonly used in artificial recorder recording or ordinary ink on paper drawing curves in the record, its bulky, low precision, easy to plug the ink, time and effort. Then came the data logging devices, paperless recorder also because of their size, high cost, need an external power supply, but not widely used in scientific research. ZDR Series recorder with built-in smart chip with 12Bit A / D converter, LCD display, smart recording, remote communications, with international brands of sensors, microprocessors, real-time display and automatically record the data collected, save it in the recorder39s power is not lost memory. Recording capacity from 4000 -128 000 group, calculated per 30 minutes of recording time to record data about a year, which is the traditional instrumentation can not do.

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086 0571-81803437
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[MT ]Zhejiang University, Hangzhou Kaixuan Equipment Floor, No. 268, Postal Code: 310029
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