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Shanghai Blower Works Co., Ltd. for nearly six decades of history, its predecessor is China Diesel Engine Co., is China39s machinery manufacturing industry key enterprises and large-scale high-tech enterprises in Shanghai. Company covers an area of ​​121,000 square meters, construction area of ​​71,000 square meters. 1,200 employees. Technical personnel and quality assurance personnel 200 people, senior technicians, technicians and senior engineering and technology 100. Professional production of centrifugal compressors, centrifugal and axial fan, centrifugal and Roots-type blower, muffler and just flexible coupling products in addition to providing domestic power plant, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, tunnel, building materials , textiles, nuclear power, light industry, shipbuilding, building ventilation and other engineering facilities outside the defense industry in the world, nearly 30 countries and regions, our products are complementary to each project.

    Company39s own research and development of technology products, but also separately from the German turbine ventilation Co., Ltd. (TLT) and the German company Babcock (BABCOCK) introduced a variable pitch axial flow fans, axial adjustable stationary blade fan, industrial centrifugal fans and supporting silencer technology. Company from Novo Arts (NOVENCO) offshore oil platform and the introduction of a merchant with centrifugal and axial flow fan technology. BSI company from Germany has just introduced flexible coupling technology. Hitachi also introduced from Japan, centrifugal compressor technology, a total of BCH, PCH, PCB, MCH, DH, HPT and other six series. A wide range of ventilation products in the field of engineering, can use the world39s most advanced technology to meet user needs range of parameters, and can be "tailored" approach to achieve the required speed of the fan design parameters in order to maintain the fan in the system The best match to gain the most economical operating results.

    Annual production capacity of three hundred thousand tons of synthetic ammonia company design and manufacture of DA930-121 air compressor technology and equipment by major national achievement award. Of 600,000 kilowatts of power plant turbine power plant design and manufacturing technologies and equipment by major national award. Of 30 million kilowatts and 200,000 kilowatts of power plant design and manufacturing axial fan won the national gold medal, the National Award for outstanding projects of major technical equipment. In recent years, the company provides a range of national key projects of high quality products, including: Yanshan Petrochemical 660,000 t / year ethylene project in the propylene refrigeration compressor, Shanghai Jinshan Petrochemical 700,000 tons / year of propylene ethylene project refrigeration compressors, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Power Plant 900,000 kilowatts wind turbine power station, China39s new nuclear power HTGR helium circulation blower, export Iranian power plant, Iran39s subway project supporting high-volume fan.

    Total assets of the company39s technology and equipment for more than 70% of CNC equipment to ensure product precision; built the largest industrial fan performance test base, test the power of 5000KW; and first in the industry through the ISO9001 quality certification of domestic VTIL and American FMRC39s quality certification. Enterprises were "Shanghai Quality Management Award", the product of the "Shanghai Brand".


    Shanghai Blower Works has experienced start-up period, development period and open a new era and the present began to leap into the period.

    In the plant start-up period, namely China Diesel Engine Co., on the imitation of a small centrifugal fan over the United States for supporting the grain dryer. And later designed the first successful trial in China 5 hp centrifugal fan for the cotton textile industry and theater ventilation. Also a successful trial trenches used in the Korean War axial fan. For the mining industry impeller diameter of 1.5 meters, double inlet centrifugal fan, became the biggest fan.

    Sixties and the seventies, the period of plant development, the Shanghai Huangpu River who designed the first prototype of the tunnel 2.8m in diameter axial-flow impeller fan, using the mechanical variable pitch technology. Nanjing Meishan Iron Works for the successful trial of 9424 weighing 60 tons S6500 blowers and large sintering machine up to 11 meters of vertical axial fan cooling towers. In 1974, the national fan industry in the first successful trial of fuel oil and coal-fired 300 thousand kilowatts of thermal power boiler and blower fan, blower using mechanical variable pitch technology, the use of stationary blade adjustable fan technology. . In the same year, the completion of assistance to Albania39s 500m 3 per minute flow rate for the Roots blower, creating the largest record. Made the first successful trial of a 300,000 tons of synthetic ammonia device host DA930-121 air compressor, the machine of large flow, high pressure ratio, high speed, high-power, has run well, won the national first-class achievement of major technical equipment Award. During this period, was designed and manufactured transport liquefied petroleum gas, propylene, carbon dioxide and other gases with a centrifugal compressor and power stations, acrylonitrile process with a half a meter of air compressor units, the level represents the country at the time leading position.

    The eighties, the plant in the spring breeze of reform and development, access to create new period, the company imported from Germany TLT variable pitch axial flow fans, radial speed axial fan, centrifugal fan technology and muffler technology, from Novo Arts introduced marine turbine technology company, recently introduced from Germany, BSI39s flexible coupling technology. During this period the product has made tremendous progress, power fans, fans of mine, tunnel fans, metallurgy and other new products constantly to meet the fans focus on the development of national energy and transportation industry needs. As of the end of only 96 to 20, 30, 60 kilowatts thermal power plants use large blower, induced draft fan, a fan reached 670 units, far ahead of the industry works. Products have been awarded the National Quality Award, the National Grand Prize of major technical equipment, national research award.

    Nineties, plant transformation, technological progress and management of modern enterprises at an unprecedented rate to move forward, companies face is a qualitative change, is working on many aspects of international standards. ISO9001 international quality certification, developing new product investment, according to standardized enterprise management, the quality of the implementation of a substantial wage, incentive engineering and technical personnel and frontline skilled workers to carry out corporate image cohesion construction and construction workers, etc., so full of enterprise a vibrant vitality. Since 1993, sales revenue, profits, average annual export growth rates of 28%, 43%, 104.3%, to become the best period in the history of the factory. Plant development in order to develop a broader world, from Japan39s Hitachi to introduce large-scale centrifugal compressor manufacturing technology, as well as a successful trial with annual output of 150,000 tons of synthetic ammonia plant material pressure compressor, marking the overall level of Shanghai Blower Works has mounted a new level.

    Fifty years ago, Shanghai Blower Works staff work diligently to complete the size of the fan 175 775 units, industrial output value of 2.28831 billion yuan, profits and taxes paid to the state total is 16 times the state investment, the factory is making a significant contribution to socialist construction. Meanwhile, companies continue to add value of total assets, is already before the reform and opening up to 7.5 times. Asset value, to make further contributions to the factory for the country39s strength is more powerful. Now, the factory began to leap into the period, in order to provide society with better technology and equipment, to provide more economic benefits to the community, five decades on the drum recalls the journey of experiences, and planning for the future, will be more confidence to move forward To maintain and develop the "first-class product, first-class quality, first-class reputation, first-class team" and continue diligent work.


                  "Plan" transformation a total investment of 5.85 million yuan, building a large fan structure of the workshop 2880 square meters. Additional equipment, apparatus 154 sets (pieces)


                  "85" a total investment of 36.81 million yuan transformation to build assembly plant 9765 square meters, the introduction of large-scale NC machine tools and computer workstations.

    "95" in transformation "double plus project" a total investment of 29.85 million yuan to build and test workshop 2155 square meters precision casting workshop 1003 square meters, "nuclear power project" a total investment of 13.5 million yuan to build an integrated warehouse 5007 square meters and the additional advanced equipment.


    "95" in transformation "double plus project" a total investment of 29.85 million yuan to build and test workshop 2155 square meters precision casting workshop 1003 square meters, "nuclear power project" a total investment of 13.5 million yuan to build an integrated warehouse 5007 square meters and the additional advanced equipment.

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