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Su is a Chinese medicine has a history of thirty years, specializing in producing a comprehensive pharmaceutical manufacturers. Over the years, in terms of Western medicine to the market continuously offers more than 100 varieties of quality pharmaceutical products. Given its long history, so high-tech bio-engineering and genetically modified drug development, so that the Soviet Union more freely, to create one after another, such as Huang Kui, versicolor capsules, Fei Yu Sheng Mai and other industry, with exclusive high Technology drugs. Not only in the country in the world in the field counterparts, are subject to

Experts and scholars highly. At present, the Soviet Union has developed into the type of pharmacological research base architecture (Pharmaceutical City) as a concept, in the context of Greater China, a handful of comprehensive large-scale pharmaceutical factory.

    Soviet Union and China-based Chinese medicine Jiangyan city, the factory area of ​​more than 300,000 square meters. Production of solid dosage and liquid formulations according to fully plant the most authoritative international standard preparation plant construction, issued by the rigorous testing standards of internationally recognized high-quality production of GMP certificates.

    In drug development, the Soviet Union in medicine every year are dumped into huge amounts of money, set up a tripod pole-winning post-doctoral workstation. European and American pharmaceutical companies have conducted a number of advanced countries, the establishment of a very perfect pharmaceutical research center, in fermentation, synthesis, preparation and a series of research and development. As in the traditional strain improvement technology is quite mature, the Soviet Union has been working in genetic engineering and bio-transformation began to build technology and application of bio-engineering technology development into bulk drugs intermediates, bio-technology in the future is expected to create innovative results and status.

    Medicine in the Soviet Union and employees of the Greater China region exceeded 1000, while professional and technical personnel more than a quarter. As companies develop reserves in the talent of one39s opponent, enough to make the Soviet Union in high technology in the pharmaceutical field to none in this together. We have started to expand internationally advanced automatic production line drugs, is actively certified by the U.S. FDA standards, look forward to more advanced technology and a more internationally competitive products to our customers feedback.

    Fountain of life, derived from the vastness of the universe. As the Soviet Union in medicine continue to run the vast universe of stars in general, "call the Soviet Union all things, Chiang Kai-shek light" business philosophy, the raising of universal goodness, sun and the moon take the essence of all good fortune and prosperous.

Su ----
All things wake, that the Soviet Union. Wake-up world the common people, the recovery of human suffering. "So" to lead the recovery of all things, earth harmony. "Su" means reminders of Love, grace to others. Pregnant with heart to help others, Win trip, kiss and Jen, Jen and the love of things that. "Soviet Union" to good, loving call, adhering to the "tolerance is a large, open-minded," the mind, "people have hunger hunger, drowning people have drowned," the spirit of salvation, do our best.

In ----
Representative of the most upright character, oriental dragon short, to lead the Chinese culture. In the universe stands central. Dignified upright, impartial; fair and square, Chiang Kai-shek and righteous.

    The main products of traditional Chinese medicine business. Extensive and profound Chinese culture, Chinese herbal medicine is particularly the five elements of. Based on traditional Chinese medicine prescription of Jun, Chen, Zuo, so that the principles of Chinese medicine through the "Yellow Emperor" is the principle. Only "in" medicine has only highlighted the five elements of pharmacology, so that the body absorbs the natural essence of man and world. With pure, healthy plant pharmacology, eliminate human chronic, moist for the benefit of common people.

    "Soviet Union" the word of an intuitive and visual, on behalf of the enterprise root in the land, JAC coast, among the fertile southern plains; suck the milk of the Yangtze River, the source of drinking Grand Canal, near the East China Sea, the real is accounted for timing and place of the blessed; highlight the birth of this enterprise is the source of the root lies. A macro context, the word on behalf of the Soviet Union in the recovery of China, China39s awakening, mankind enters the 21st century, the twenty-first century is the century of the Chinese people. The Chinese nation is the twenty-first century must be the most eye-catching star. China39s reform and opening up 20 years of economic recovery, creating countless wonders of the world. Oriental dragon in waking, sleeping five thousand years the East has been mighty wake. Economic growth for several years, first in the world, China39s accession to the WTO, the successful Olympic bid in 2008, Hong Kong and Macao39s return, no does not mean that the rise of the Chinese nation. "Soviet Union" the word, emergence of the Chinese nation39s spirit of the times. As the name of the enterprise, full of implications, grand and imposing.

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