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Of the earliest enterprises engaged in the consulting industry, consulting services in Asia in the most professional, most norms of the international authority of the Consulting Services organization is specialized in ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO/TS16949, ISO13485, SA8000, ISO22000, OHSMS18001, ROHS, IECQQC080000 , management training, human resource management consulting, lean production, high performance management consulting and international certification of well-known business management consulting company based in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Kunming, Nanchang, Wuhan, Changsha, Wenzhou, etc. across the country are equipped with several ten branches, the most comprehensive network of services across the country, the company has nearly a thousand kinds of consultants around the country are active in providing consulting services for different customers, to provide for the sustainable development of enterprises39 partnership-based consulting services "is dedicated to helping create value for customers, the pursuit of excellence, is well-known professional consulting organizations.

    We have a team of professional consultants, they are all from domestic and international registration of part-time consultants, auditors. From the internationally renowned certification body (such as: ITS, SGS, BV, DNV, TUV) certification in the field of social responsibility and leading experts. Some come from different ownership, different sizes, all have years of experience, many of them former large enterprises (group) senior management. They are experts in the field of management, has a profound theoretical knowledge, and consulting services in management practice has accumulated a wealth of experience. They are management consulting, certification consulting, training, business consulting and audits of core strength, but also consulting services and training of effective quality assurance. Our goal is to strive to create high-quality service and advanced management consultancy, corporate services company to ensure smooth access to a one-time certification

    We firmly believe that "management to enhance management and service to create value" philosophy has always been adhering to the internationalization of innovative ideas and fruitful professional operation. Always from the perspective of the market and customer needs, integration of modern management and Chinese management and effective strategies to enhance business and the inherent quality, to create a unique enterprise management mode, expand the market for competition and competitive advantage, we are able to You provide the most professional, best meets the actual needs of your business solutions. Meanwhile, customers tailor-made solutions, our integration into the company and the market situation of profound insight, and client organizations with close collaboration at all levels. This ensures that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable organizations, and secure lasting results.

Service Features

A team of professional consultants

◆ a full-time: Full use of full-time consultants, counseling clients more carefully and place.

◆ Professional Qualification: All registered consultants with CNAT qualifications, certification consulting experience with more than five years.

◆ consulting areas: electronics, electrical appliances, science and technology; hardware, machinery, manufacturing; chemical, rubber, plastic; paper, packaging, printing; building materials, furniture, kitchenware; green, property, engineering; food, restaurant, hotel; textile, leather clothing; medical equipment; trade.

Two strict project management

◆ responsibility: project leader responsible for the implementation of the system, the project leader and consultant project team leader. One project team leader for the project, the quality and progress of the project responsible consultant in the project implemented under the guidance head arrangement.

◆ Advice Scheme: consultants in conjunction with clients to develop a detailed plan; clearly the various stages of the task, the two sides of the division of labor, time schedule.

◆ Plan recognized: each counseling, counselor complete the inquiry Journal; companies confirmed and signed by the responsible person; another summary of the contents of this guidance, arrangement of work before the next counseling, counseling forecast the next task.

◆ Customer interview: Customer Service, Customer Service Officer visit customers, to grasp the progress of the project; call center customer complaints received at any time, fast response, quick feedback.

◆ can change consultants: customers are not satisfied with the consulting division, may require replacement Consultant.

Three value-added training programs and pledges

     ◆ promised that all certification programs to ensure quality of service, the lowest price for 100% pass the certification authority certificate.

◆ providing management system certification process of consultation, according to customer39s need to provide targeted management training to enhance the comprehensive management capabilities to meet customer needs.

◆ ISO Certificate within three years before the company39s annual send teachers to the annual review of your company39s guidance through the year.

◆ customer certified, the certification standards be revised to change, the speed achieved on a regular basis to provide the latest international standards for free to your company. New standard for providing training to help modify the file system until it meets the new standards

     ◆ If your company mobility is large, the company twice a year free of charge for your company39s internal auditor training, life after the end of the project tracking services, if the actual operation of the enterprise in the course of any issues and problems, will continue to provide life-long follow-up and counseling services free of charge.

◆ new companies to establish subsidiaries or introduce friends can enjoy 90% of the price system, our company has regular and irregular telephone interviews or home visit, priority access to the company on a regular basis training courses for customers free or participate in training;

◆ complimentary promotional flip charts, posters set.

We provide services to you:

1) counseling facility certified by the social responsibility system:

◆ C-TPAT certified anti-terrorism consultation

◆ BSCI standard certification consulting business community

◆ SA8000 Social Responsibility System Certification Advisory

◆ ICTI ICTI Code of Business Conduct Certification Advisory

◆ WRAP apparel certification Global Consulting

◆ CSC9000T China39s textile industry, social responsibility system certification consulting

◆ ETI advocates of the British Trade Union Certification Advisory legitimate

◆ EICC certification consulting electronics industry

◆ QS quality and safety management system certification consulting

2) counseling experience plants through the COC factory audits customers:

◆ Wal-Mart, Disney, K-Mart, Sears, ICS, Ann Taylor, MMG ... ...

◆ McDonald "s, Mattel, Hasbro, Target, M

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086 +86 (755) 8220 8881,+86 (755) 2607 7791,+86(755) 2664 7776
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086 +86 (755) 2607 7719
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China_Guangdong Province_Shenzhen
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[MT ]Oil, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City Industrial Zone, the second service provider Room 701, Building 7
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