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Kang Xianggong professional supplier of condoms Division: Guangzhou Hong Cheung Industrial Co., Ltd. has been committed to human reproductive health industry. Kang Xianggong Division integrates the condom industry, high-quality resources, including raw material suppliers, manufacturers, packaging suppliers, is one of the most professional supplier of condoms, condoms provide our customers with the production, processing, marketing, sales and other one family of solutions. Kang Xianggong Secretary to "build China39s first national brand of condoms," the historical mission, efforts to let the Chinese people, Asians, and even the world39s people to spend high-quality condoms products.

Golden Shield is Kangxiang Gong Division pilot condom brand, with its distinctive violet, tatale (the wife happy), couple, have, shuangfeiyan, pair of lovebirds and other brands. Technology to improve quality culture to enhance the taste of "Shield technology to improve the quality, taste of culture to enhance the Golden Shield," is Kangxiang Gong Division39s strategic direction. Kang Xianggong Division extensively with latex industry39s top technical staff exchanges and cooperation, from the latex of molecular techniques to the formulation of improved homogeneous and continuous improvement of quality management system, effective condom quality assurance Kangxiang Gong Division leadership.

To feel pleasure from safe contraception, from the body to feel the spirit of the pursuit, Kang Xianggong Division always pay attention to consumer demand, Kang Xianggong Division supplies products to consumers from the humane care, from the corporate culture and brand culture, brand elevation of the spirit to extract, Golden Shield condom "flexibility" of the product characteristics have been elevated to represent the strong, "perseverance, indomitable" spirit.

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086 400-6067-800
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086 020-81983368(803)、81983268(803)
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China_Guangdong Province_Guangzhou
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[MT ]Guangzhou, Luo Chong Wai Chong Zhijie, No. 3, four twin 3 West
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