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In today39s audio and video pop music a "difficult difficult to sell," the situation, China Records Guangzhou Chung39s new music studio this song was popular in the north and south, by the audience favorite. Guangzhou, China in 1995, the company formally approved the establishment of record this song music studio, after years of effort, with impressive results, are described as studio singers in pop music with some success. In successive "national audience favorite singer" awards, the award-winning singer Song up this studio: a combination barracks trio won the gold medal, Chen Sisi took home silver ethnic group, like Yang, Jin Biao won the best combination Award

Zhou Liang then took away the best singer of popular group award. Ode to the usual style of this workshop is to do a down music. This upholds experienced at work today, Mr. Chung39s artistic director. As a worker behind the scenes, his name may not loud enough, but the size of the central and local television show, in the karaoke discs and music tapes 0K, in large, medium, elementary school music teaching materials, can be found that he wrote the song. Song lyrics and this long, fruitful three decades in film, music, newspapers and magazines published all kinds of vocal music, instrumental music and the lyrics more than three thousand works first.

The dozen works by the central, national creative awards, and won the Medal of Chinese achievements in pop music years. He planned catalog record also won the gold disc to sing Corporation, Pacific Skylark Award, Best New Age Creative Award, the National Award for two-way audio and video products. Ode to the creation of whether this idea, conception and practices, and are derived from the deep cultural cultivation and conservation of profound folk music. He never had to play cool music, but the word has been dedicated reputation in the circle. Therefore, when the north in recent years, Guangdong singers have to choose another high branches, the studio has not this song halfway nest of geese,

As well as "North Various Artists" - a combination of gold from the Beijing Yang Yang, Jin Biao, Qin day camp singer-songwriter, signed to another39s. There is no doubt, "this song" word has become a loud music music brand, the brand39s success is this song grasp the pulse of the times. Ode to this discerning producer, always in the music downturn inventiveness, open up the path. In order to meet the return of Macao, the first time in the studio with singer Michael Gu Macao signed, this is Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan joined the mainland pop music singer first big move.

In 1999 CCTV Spring Festival evening party, Eric Wong his forceful voice, handsome looks that bilateral half-breed39s unique qualities, the audience has left a deep impression. "Who lit the stars:" singer Bole "is that people today, Mr. Chung39s reputation from a decade ago," sweet little sister "to Zhang Mi Yang Yuying Wang were set to the young girls, to the studio after the establishment of Chen Sisi, Liang Zhou, the barracks ballad singers, Yang Yang, Jin Biao, Zhu containing aromatic and Macao Eric Wong, the new packaging by his hand almost, "to make a red one," singer has created the myth.

To sum up the song of today39s art achievements in the music flower during the Sixth Guangzhou, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture, the Provincial Radio, Film and Television Office, Provincial Musicians Association, the Propaganda Department of the Political Department of the Guangzhou Military Region, Guangzhou Municipal Cultural Bureau hosted the "China pop music elite - Song vocal concerts today. " Three decades of pop music hard fruits, bring together the elite gather to sing to Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and overseas since the Zhufeng Bo, Wang Jieshi, Xie Lisi, Tang Biao, Ann Lee, Sun Hao, Chen Sisi, Zhou Liang, Yang Yang, Jin Biao and small have, Eric Wong (Macao) and other singers singing effort, nearly a hundred wonderful dancers, the evening high tide wave after wave.

When this song was invited to play, and the children sang "Jinggangshan pumpkin seed", the applause everywhere, full boil. Song today with people of their generation unique persistent and serious, his youthful singers and thus step by step into the music scene. Song this music studio, this powerhouse singer, pop music has brought to the impetuous a little bit at ease with hope. Song this studio can do for you what? Orientation package for the singer, tailor-made song, promotion, performing arts agencies. Organization39s signed artists to participate in various arts activities,

Such as the television series, corporate celebrations, public advocacy, television advertising and other performances. Invited to create the highest charting song recording radio and television show songs, film music, dance music, plants song, school song, corporate song, ad song. Edited tape recording all kinds of theme music, gifts, CD, planning to organize shooting MTV. Recorded concert album or singles, writing songs, music and counseling concerts, recordings synthesis, design envelopes posters, published one-stop service. Held singers, songwriters training.

Organize all kinds of singing contest, music contest. Specialized equipment, expertise, burn music CD, singing, accompaniment music, recording personal, family photo album, wedding VCD. Mail order original song CDs, tapes, discs. Use of their own and the country thousands of television, radio, newspapers and media to develop good relations and cultural industries.

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