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Long handsome Nanjing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. established in January 2001 (formerly An Ruite building intercom equipment factory, May 7, 2008 changed its name to Long handsome), the company specializes in building intercom product development, production and sales. Strong technical force, many times to provide our clients a complete solution for building visual intercom, who has complicated the project site technical guidance, experienced, flexible configuration. The main product of intelligent building visual intercom system after seven years of market test, with its simple configuration, stable performance, high price to win the favor of customers.

LS series is divided into large-scale intelligent network video intercom residential, non-visual intercom, video intercom address him-style bus system and two-wire non-visual intercom. Its products support a flexible, easy to install, visual and non visual compatibility, all products without user code, set the house number, gives you more peace of mind, labor, so that the general engineering business without worries. The company has marketing, R & D department, production department, engineering department, service center, Long handsome company39s products in the most simple configuration, stable raw material suppliers Tu, perfect testing equipment to ensure product quality and performance of and stability.

In the service, always on the customer Kobe telling the truth, to comply with business ethics, confidentiality of information for users, improve the customer file system which is to become a professional consultant with Kobe, the most competitive prices for the majority of projects to provide strong support . 2010, eight initiatives, product constantly upgrade!! Visual digital network is not networked as follows: First: host all plug-row connectors, terminal more convenient to cancel. II: layer platform of the codecs have changed, the use of CPU chip, all video distribution, amplification, decoding, household quarantine, are single-chip complete, all between the platform and the home row with plug connection, very convenient.

Up to four units, especially for high-rise multi-family. III: Direct non-visual system according to 1 N system, two-wire line, regardless of home wiring, 3 N line of four-wire system home users choose according to different needs. IV: Direct visualization systems by type ring extension means 16 kinds and Hyun music, change the ringing music anytime, anywhere.

Five: the use of advanced switching power supply technology, the current major performance and stability, anti-lightning design. VI: Recommended number of new European host, extension housing. Can be found. Seven: No home video line, the use of CPU isolation control, clear images without ghosting. Eight: High-quality system, greater choice, reasonable low price, so that works both business and our Long handsome win!

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