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[MT ]Liling City, Sanda Electronics Co., Ltd. (formerly: Liling Electronics Technology Institute) [Not certified ]
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[MT ]Yu Yanhong Huang Wei
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086 13874194348,13974137568
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Liling City, Sanda Electronics Co., Ltd. (formerly: Liling Electronics Technology Institute) is located in the city center, yard, beautiful scenery, convenient transportation, outstanding people Xiang Ganbian area - Liling. Company is a professional dedicated to intelligent power system product development, production and sales. High-tech enterprises. The company has independent R & D team, always grasp the pulse of the market, Keke sound business ideas, people-oriented, quality, hard, right way, to provide high quality to users, improve, people39s products. The production line according to ISO9001 quality assurance system requirements.

Standardization work, and to provide comprehensive and timely service. Our main products: switchgear intelligent control device, the switch state display, the current transformer over-voltage protection, condensation control, smart temperature and humidity controller, cabinet air conditioners, aluminum heaters, silicone rubber heater, dry transformer temperature controller, cooling fan dry-type transformers, on-line monitoring of temperature devices, the electromagnetic coil protection, ammeter, voltmeter, power meter multi-function, multi-harmonic table, motor protection controller, transmitter power, reactive power automatic compensation controller,

0.5KV-0.66KV series low-voltage current transformer, zero sequence current transformers and other electrical products; long-term focus on R & D, manufacturing, home for the power industry in the cabinets, terminal boxes, low voltage switch cabinet, ring counters, box-type substation, petrochemical , metallurgy, machinery, construction and other related industries. Require the use of temperature, humidity, condensation control, electrical protection, electrical controller products, providing customers with excellent products and quality service. The main source of technology: employing six Central South University, Xiangtan University, Zhuzhou Teachers College, Institute of Liling porcelain professor of electronic and high working for the company39s full-time or part-time technical adviser.

We respect science, talent, the existing 12 senior technicians, average age 30 years, were actually working in the industry for more than four years, they are the backbone of the company, is the hope and future of the enterprise. Management team is an energetic flourish, professionalism and strong, positive, able to fight a hard battle team. Company Goal: automatic control and protection of China39s power industry to contribute to a miracle. Company spirit: unity and hard work innovation.

Company objective: market-based, quality of survival, management efficiency, service is fundamental. Science and technology enterprise, customer first, credit first. Corporate Strategy: people-oriented, Recruitment, make friends, borrowed boat, the best R & D products, provide first-class service. Marketing strategy: do not want to discuss barriers to our price, just so that the quality of our fit of the bridge.

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[MT ]Xishan Office Liling City, Hunan Province, No. 1688 Wuli Dun (across from City Administration for Industry) Code: 412 200
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