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General introduction
Suzhou Testing Instrument Factory was the former body of Suzhou Sushi Testing Instrument Co., Ltd, which was found in 1956, and was former national mechanical industry department’s important enterprise. In 1998, STI transferred into a joint stock-holding partnership venture. In 2008, introduced into strategy investor and formed Suzhou Sushi Testing Instrument Co., Ltd.

Sushi is the largest dynamic environmental test instrument manufacturer, and owns independent intellectual property rights patent and hundreds of whole set of vibrator manufacturing technology. Over 50 years, Sushi has been providing kinds of testing instruments for various of industries, such as aviation, electron, vehicle, ship craft ,study center, college and so on. And many productions are sold to America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Russia and many different countries and districts. Sushi has total 33,000 square meters facility and capital of more than 6,200,000 USD. Annual manufacture capacity is more than 400 sets.
The creation of the first
Sushi is always on the front line and the first level in the field of vibration test system., and got many first places in many fields.

--First place in sales record and market holding.
--The only enterprise in vibration field that introduced into a complete set of oversea technology, and through absorbing, assimilation, innovation, progressively Sushi formed the distinctive vibration testing manufacture technology.
--The national manufacturing and developing base, and developing enterprise for 5~40 tons force electro-dynamic vibration test system.
--The only leading enterprise that draws vibration test industrial products standard, and Suzhou Sushi Testing Instrument Co ., Ltd became the secretary member of vibration test equipment committee(SAC/TC122/SC2) which belongs to national committee for standardization testing machine.
--The only research and manufacturing enterprise for military use electronic and electrical kits that has been recognized by General Equipment Department. Hundreds of vibration systems has been completed successfully for the tasks of testing including the launching of the first satellite and the launching of “Shen Zhou” series aircraft. All of these tests have brought Sushi all kinds of national prizes and awards.
--The only enterprise in vibration industry that has been given the title of Famous Brand products. -----The only double-credit enterprise in this industry: got Certificate for Credible Enterprise of Quality in Jiangsu Province and Certificate for Credible Products.
Independent Innovation
In 1962, the first vibration tester was successfully made in STI, and since then, the vibration tester was made certain the main product of STI. Based on active independent innovation, steady development, STI created a great history of vibration test system in China.

For several years, STI keep on invest more than 8% of annual sale into manufactural capital, and developed many kinds of different digital series products that reached to the first level in the world. In 1999, STI made the first SA series switching power amplifier in China. In 2002, the first 5 tons electro-dynamic vibration test system with independent intellectual rights was made in STI, and got national defence science and technology prize. In 2004, 10 tons force electro-dynamic vibration test system was brought into existance which brought STI the praise from general equipment department and aviation department. In 2005, high acceleration shock tester which can reach to 100000g was born, it means the technology is at the leading level. In 2006, the first 20 tons vibration test system was made. In 2007, 40 tons electro-dynamic vibrator and 30 tons hydro-pressure vibrator were successfully invented. In 2008, world level products, such as static pressure bearing three-axis simultaneous electro-dynamic vibrator and all sealed water cooled combinational vibrator was made.
The principle of STI is honesty and innovation. Service the costomer with honesty and win the market with innovation. STI will make ways to keep on the top of vibration test technology and invent more and more great products that best meet the requirement of customers. We will do the best to make Sushi the best dynamic environmental test system maker in the world.

After millions of times of searching, we found the best way to great success, the staff of Sushi will double the effort to creat a better future.
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