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[MT ]China Hydraulic and Hydropower Construction Group Jiajiang Machinery Co., Ltd. [Not certified ]
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China Hydraulic and Hydropower Construction Group Jiajiang Machinery Co., Ltd. under the China Water Conservancy and Hydropower Construction Company Limited (Sinohydro Corporation), China Water Conservancy and Hydropower Construction Co., Ltd. is centrally managed, integrated large-scale cross-border business enterprises, is China39s largest and most with the strength of the water conservancy and hydropower construction business. Jiajiang Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a national machinery industry key enterprises, the nation39s 100 largest enterprises of metal products, metal products, Sichuan Province, the largest 10 companies, Sichuan Province, the industrial chain business of major technical equipment, Sichuan provincial technology R & D Center,

Water conservancy and hydropower project is to provide special equipment and of permanent construction of large-scale specialized production equipment business. Business in 1996 through the ISO9001 international quality system certification in 1998, the import and export right in 1999, was listed as a national production base for exports of machinery products. In 2002 through the 2000 external audit of quality assurance system in 2003, won the national "Credible Enterprise", "Jiajiang hydraulic" trademark was the title of Sichuan Province, the products are exported to Pakistan, Iran, Thailand, Myanmar, Sudan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and other 10 countries.

After 40 years of hard work, the factory has developed into a medium-sized water conservancy and hydropower construction equipment and special equipment manufacturing capacity of the backbone of the integrated enterprise. To the end of 2005, has fixed assets of 136.2 million yuan, the factory covers an area of ​​43 square meters, with more than 400 types of equipment (sets), with forging, cold, heat processing, assembly, preservation, transportation and other full range integrated manufacturing means, formed from the preparation - welding - machining - assembly complete one-stop production line process, with annual output of 20,000 tons of metal structures and machinery products manufacturing capabilities.

Competition in the market overall has been the formation of two major advantages: First, the brand and performance advantages, the factory has the country39s major river basins of the dozens of power plants provide more than 30 tons of metal structures and more than 3,000 sets of equipment. With a large hydraulic gate, door, bridge crane, ship lift, cable machine production qualification and good performance. Second, the expertise and equipment advantages. Has a door, bridge crane design capability and performance, with mature technology and skilled workforce, the company has established a relatively perfect quality control system and information management system.

Double steel column grid structure has a full lifting of advanced plant and CNC milling machine, CNC flame cutting machine, bore a strong honing machine and other advanced equipment. Our main products include six categories: First, various types of gate station equipment, including large-scale arc doors, flat doors, miter gate, sprockets doors. Three Gorges Project which produced 12 sets of radial gate spillway hole, 24 sets of permanent anti-arc door lock experts known as the "lock system, steel structure represents the highest level in China." Second, the gate hoist machinery and equipment, including hoist winch, hydraulic hoist, gantry crane.

Manufacturing processes and product quality user recognition. Was named the "four chon province famous brand." Third, plant overhead crane, lifting used in power plant generators, material handling and other terminals. Fourth, cable cranes, including tower put, radiation type, pan type cable machine. Is currently the only manufacturer with over three kinds of structure and the cable head casting zinc professional qualifications of the manufacturers, including the Three Gorges cable manufacturing machines, including 47 sets of cable cranes, formed from the design to manufacturing, intellectual property rights. Fifth dam ship lift, the factory has manufactured and four types of different ship lift,

Including Guangxi Yantan vertical ship lift 250 tons and 300 tons of Hubei Gaobazhou vertical ship lift. One Guangxi Yantan 250 tons vertical ship lift is installed and operating China39s first large ship lift, the product has won the national key new product certification, Sichuan ninety-five Technology Innovation Award, first prize of Guangxi Science and Technology Progress Honor, is academicians of China Engineering Vice President Pan Jiazheng as "China39s 39disappointing39 machine."

Sixth, concrete construction machinery, is the first successfully developed hydraulic concrete pump company, has formed a high, medium and low voltage products. The company is China Water Conservancy and Hydropower Construction Group under the leadership of the company39s vigorous implementation of leapfrog development strategy, and actively explore new business areas, through the capital operation and extensive cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises, focus on building the domestic hydraulic industry leading enterprises.

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