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[MT ]Zhengzhou Hongxin material sealed pump pneumatic conveying equipment, plant, Zhengzhou Hongxin Machinery Technology Development Co., Ltd. [Not certified ]
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Overview: Zhengzhou Hongxin Machinery Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in electric power, building materials R & D and manufacture of machinery and equipment manufacturers, products using computer aided design CAD and by a number of national patent (patent number: ZL01250039.9, ZL2008 2 0069629.1 , ZL2008 2 0130570.2), strong technical force, advanced technology, excellent equipment, technical personnel and key backbone enterprise in machinery design and manufacture of building materials for nearly 20 years. Main products: electric power, cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, low-pressure pneumatic ash system, storage system, dedusting system, discharging system.

Business philosophy: Our products always pursue quality above all else, the interests of users than all the corporate philosophy, the spirit of seeking truth, the principle of technological innovation in pursuit of high-tech, new technology, new and robust products in the electric power, building materials industry application of mission, annual funding for the development of new durable goods accounted for 10% of sales, the company39s college researchers accounted for a quarter of the total number of employees, to hire Luoyang Cement Design & Research Institute to make technical advisers, Our idea is to develop products like the Mercedes-Benz cars to design high quality, high reliability;

There should be like a fool while operating the camera as easy to learn and understand the product better. Service: Our company sell the products at a computer for archiving, tracking services, we pay a return visit every year in time for the user the user39s knotty problems. Performance of the company: Since 1999 our company has been in the country39s provinces and autonomous regions except Tibet installation material sealed pump delivery system of more than 500 sets of leading indicators currently maintains a number of leading throughput ①: two LG Zhengzhou Golden Dragon Group Corporation pump seal materials, building materials group in Xinjiang a curved clamp LG pump seal material,

Henan Dengfeng Song-based LG Group, a single pump seal material delivery volume per hour than 80T / h, the amount of lead present in the national transport. ② unit installed capacity of electric power industry leader: the power of fly ash Yaomeng company Henan, Ningxia shizuishan power plant installed capacity of 300MW and a number of units successfully used to achieve a large unit with lead. ③ leading technological progress: July 9, 2001 by the company engineers and technicians Yang Bao designed to improve the LG series pump seal material to obtain the PRC State Intellectual Property Office issued a patent certificate, and have done Luoyang Cement Design & Research Institute Technical Advisor,

Beijing Building Materials Design Institute in the Division Wyse technical guidance in the material to do the pump seal technology to maintain a leading position. Major advantage of feeding pump seal LG: LG Series pump is expected to seal our researchers through hundreds of different types of domestic pneumatic conveying equipment usage tracking surveys over the years, taking into account the weaknesses of foreign advanced technology to break through the conventional use of computer aided design in the original CAD LFB pump seal on the basis of material to make major improvements developed with independent intellectual property rights of new low-pressure pneumatic conveying equipment (Patent No.: ZL01250039.9, ZL2008 2 0069629.1).

The device from the market by a number of positions with that of the pump and pump, bucket elevator and other equipment, compared with small, wind down (0.2 - 1 atm, usually without air compressor, with only Luo Heights fans can be), easy layout, no dust, environmental compliance and a series of advantages. Widely used in electric power, building materials, chemical industry, in the equivalent distance of 680m, 50m in height to enhance the transport of cement, raw materials, fly ash powder material such as the ideal equipment: 1, a flexible means of regulation: air flow box source valve, throughput size, adjust the scale to zero and so is very flexible terms.

2, high regulation accuracy: use the gear ratio 60:1, 125:26 equipped with gear to adjust the size of the size of savings in energy throughput, high accuracy .3, applicability: the system automatically balance incoming and transport, fineness of the original state of non-uniform gray, uneven under the ash did not affect transport of powdery materials. 4, processing capacity: per hour 2-100T can be, especially in the large throughput has a large advantage. Installed capacity of power plants for a variety of matches.

5, operation is simple: as simple as shoot camera, learn to understand better, the average worker as long as know 1 1 = 2, 15 minutes by train skilled employment, without intensive training. 6, low investment: LG material sealed pump delivery system, no high-pressure air, oil and therefore do not need to save a lot of high-level investment. 7, low operating cost: LG pump seal materials available for free for the side pieces of a great three years over the period of the three packs, cutting supply-side commitment: "sent home once a year free repair service" greatly reduced running costs .

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