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[MT ]Shanghai Qingpu factory shock absorber ring [Not certified ]
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Shanghai Qingpu ring shock absorber factory focuses on various types of damping spring shock absorber, shock absorber spring hanger, hanging rubber shock absorber, low-frequency composite rubber shock absorber, damping rubber pads, rubber shear vibration isolation device, a soft flexible rubber joints, vibration platform's development, is a research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the professional manufacturer of vibration products. Our shock absorber market strategy with Shanghai as the center of radiation of the national market, the products in the country on several key projects to be applied, and some products are exported to win customers alike.

Reputation, the first time in the country available to customers fast, convenient first-class service. Our fully utilize the experience of the major supplier of key projects, optimize the product mix, quality and strive to complete, quality and stability. Designed and manufactured according to customer requirements and drainage, HVAC and other aspects of special structure of the vibration and noise reduction products.

This product is mainly applied to horizontal, vertical pumps, fans, chillers Lord, heat pump owners, the main diesel engine, generator master, punch, power test stand, anechoic chamber and other basic types of vibration and variable air volume fan-coil air-conditioned box, axial fans, duct, pipe and other lifting damping. We are committed to the field of vibration, creating high-quality products and services leading brand Shanghai ring! Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit of integrity, loyal, the most sophisticated technology trusted by customers.

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[MT ]Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai, Kanazawa (Shangta) Shang and Zhou Road 1230, Zip code: 2017197
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