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[MT ]Hangzhou Dujinsheng Industrial Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Silk Factory Dujinsheng [Not certified ]
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Hangzhou Dujinsheng Industrial Co., Ltd. (Hangzhou Dujinsheng Silk Factory) is located in the beautiful West Lake, the well-known national entrepreneurs Dujinsheng in 1922, Mr. Mao Jia Bu West Lake in Hangzhou was founded, initially as a one hand only pull the loom and two workers cottage, the main products are silk brocade landscape painting. Dujinsheng silk factory in 1954 to implement public-private partnerships; the Cultural Revolution in 1966 due to the impact of business change as The East is Red Silk Factory; 1972, according to the instructions of Premier Zhou Enlai, was renamed the tapestry factory in Hangzhou; 1983 are reinstated Hangzhou Jinsheng Silk Factory name;

Enterprise restructuring in 2001, Hangzhou Dujinsheng Industrial Co., Ltd., while retaining silk factory in Hangzhou Dujinsheng Make a second. Dujinsheng tapestry formed in 1921 by well-known patriotic industrialist, Mr. Dujinsheng original, is representative of Hangzhou brocade, after eighty years of development and innovation, Dujinsheng Brocade has formed a tapestry, like King, decorative brocade, tapestry, represented by taking the three series, $ 16 more than 40 varieties, has become one of the most representative of the name Jin. Dujinsheng Brocade adhere to the traditional process design and production, mostly handmade,

General product must go through 58 procedures to be completed by hand, due to work fine, magnificent color, texture, feel full, so full of national characteristics, known as the magic of "the flower of oriental art." Dujinsheng tapestry of traditional brocade on behalf of Hangzhou in 1926 to participate in the World Exposition in Philadelphia, and won the gold medal in one fell swoop; 1929 to participate in the First West Lake Expo, won the Grand Prize and Excellence Award; in 1979, 1982, 1984 won numerous national gold medal, silver medal. Dujinsheng also in 1990 and 2010 has the second by the National Ministry of Commerce Ministry of Internal Trade and identified as "old."

Dujinsheng products passed the international ISO9001 quality management system certification, the entire process of production using advanced technology and scientific means process organization and management standards in the design, development, production, sales and after-sales service can provide the best aspects of the Road quality assurance. Dujinsheng or national standards, "brocade products," the drafting of one of the units by Dujinsheng declared "Hangzhou brocade technique" is to be included in state-level intangible cultural heritage list. Dujinsheng tapestry from the fifties, as a national gift was one of

Chairman Mao Zedong and other Party and state leaders have repeatedly Dujinsheng tapestry as a gift of foreign leaders and dignitaries. Premier Zhou Enlai in 1957, silk factory inspection Dujinsheng had pointed out that "Dujinsheng Brocade is a wonderful work in the Chinese arts and crafts, is a national treasure, to keep going, to successors." Dujinsheng silk factory from 1953 reception unit was classified as foreign affairs, is now an international tourist access points in Hangzhou, one of a few decades, has received a large number of countries from around the world heads of state and government leaders,

Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, Ye Jianying and other older generation of revolutionaries and Hu Jintao, Wu Bangguo, Xi Jinping, Zhu Rongji, Li and other leaders of the party and the country has also had to Dujinsheng inspection and guidance. Dujinsheng tourist center is located in Hangzhou's business location, just meters away from the West Lake, Dujinsheng tapestry museum and Dujinsheng residence are well-known tourist attraction of Hangzhou, Hangzhou is also a patriotic education base.

Dujinsheng Brocade has now been included in the People's Government of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, the first batch of intangible cultural heritage list. Dujinsheng Brocade also included in the protection of traditional arts and Hangzhou, the variety and skill list. Maintain and carry forward the traditional silk craft brand, Dujinsheng currently implementing a wide range of business, and formed a Dujinsheng Brocade Museum as a leader, set silk handicraft production, exhibition, tour, tourism, leisure, shopping, dining and entertainment center in one of the tourist industry.

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