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[MT ]Zhejiang Golden Eagle Spun Silk Co., Ltd. (Jiaxing Silk Spinning Factory) [Not certified ]
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Employees, set silk, linen, wool and machinery manufacturing as one of the large limited liability company. Annual output of various types of silk, yarn 6000 tons, silk silk, linen fabric 3.5 million meters, all kinds of high-grade silk, hemp knitted, woven garments 1.2 million (sets), textile machinery 1,500 pieces (sets), plastic unit 1200 sets. 2002 Golden Eagle Group merged Jiaxing Silk Spinning Factory, Zhejiang Golden Eagle Spun Silk Co., Ltd. was set up (Jiaxing Silk Spinning Factory). Zhejiang Golden Eagle Spun Silk Co., Ltd. (Jiaxing Silk Spinning Factory) is located in beautiful South Lake River, the existing practice, combing, spinning, weaving, bleaching, dyeing and garment one-stop integrated production line.

Annual output of silk, silk 䌷 600 tons, 1.5 million m machine silk, knit silk 100 tons of clothing 700 000. Registered trademark "SPA". SPA brand premium 210Nm / 2 and P-class 210Nm / 2 spun silk of the PRC State Administration of Quality Gold Medal, general level 140Nm / 2,120 Nm / 2 and 11378 silk spun silk, cotton silk was superior product 13587 title Premium 118Nm / 1, general level 60Nm / 2 was the title of Zhejiang Province high-quality products, as raw silk with SPA brand of knitted garments France won the 67th International Fair of Rouen and the only Gold Medal the highest honor. Company's leading product "SPA" brand silk, silk 䌷 are export oriented,

Products are exported to Italy, France and other Western European countries and Japan, Korea, Indonesia and Southeast regions, in the international market enjoys a high reputation in China's export-quality silk products. Produced silk and woven silk fabrics silk fabric silk cotton and silk blended family, Juanma silk, silk wool silk, silk sticky silk, silk-day silk, etc., variety, good quality, the production of suits, shirts, casual clothing, high-grade textile fabrics.

Zhejiang Golden Eagle Spun Silk Co., Ltd. "committed dedication to the pursuit of excellence", and always adhere to the "quality first, honest and reliable" business philosophy, focus on creating, nurturing first-class SPA products and excellent after-sales service. Zhejiang Golden Eagle Spun Silk Co., innovation, refinement of the essence due to deliberate in good faith with clients and professional dedication of the team, from the public service, the return of social entrepreneurship. Willing to work with new and old customers work together, dedicated to being the world's silk industry Haohai.

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086 86 573 82109760
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086 86 573 82331620
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China_Zhejiang_Jiaxing City
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[MT ]Zhejiang Jiaxing Economic Development Zone Industrial Park Tong exchange (North, Central, is the original road), Code: 314003
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