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Integration of resources, to provide you with the best value for money cycloid gear and other products and the most first-class service, we have the most abundant cash resources, to provide you with the fastest speed of delivery! ! ! The main products are: ZQ, JZQ, LQ, ZD, ZL, ZS, ZSC, ZSCA series cylinder gear reducer, ZQA, ZQD, ZDZ, ZLZ, ZSY Series Hardened reducer ZDY, ZLY, ZSY series of hardened gear reducer, ZDZ, ZLZ, ZSZ Series Hardened gear reducer, QJ Series Hardened reducer, DBY, DCY Series Hardened bevel gear reducer,

WXJ, WSJ, WD, WHC, WHS, CWU, CWS, CWO series worm gear reducer NGW planetary gear motor series, X series, B series, 8000 series cycloid speed reducer, YTC, YCJ series gear motor, TDY75, TJ, YZW, YD, WD series of oil cooling, oil-filled electric drum, and bear all kinds of special gear design and development. The whole one week of delivery, accessories stock! Cycloid reducer: cycloid reducer structural principle: cycloid reducer is used KHV planetary small teeth difference cycloid pin gear teeth meshing theory and the new transmission machinery.

Widely used in textile printing and dyeing, light and food, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, transport and engineering machinery, lifting in the field of drive and reduction gears. Factory production of cycloid reducer quality, reliable performance, complete specifications, reasonable price, was awarded the Machinery Industry Ministry and Jiangsu Province quality product title. Cycloid gear planetary gear can all be divided into three parts: input part, slow down some of the output part. Dislocation in the input shaft with a 180 ° double eccentric, the eccentric sleeve is equipped with two roller bearings, the formation of H organizations, two cycloid eccentricity of the center hole is put on the arm bearing raceway,

By the cycloid pin gear wheel and arranged on a circular needle gear meshing to form a small difference in tooth meshing gear box, (in order to reduce friction in the gear ratio in the small, needle with needle teeth on gear sets). When the input shaft with eccentric rotation one week, due to cycloid teeth on the gallery by the needle curve characteristics and needle teeth on gear restrictions, therefore, cycloid movement as there is a revolution rotation of plane motion, in input shaft forward one week, rotate the eccentric sleeve is also the week cycloid turned in the opposite direction, resulting in a slow-tooth difference, and then use W output mechanism, the low-speed rotation of the cycloid movement through the pin,

Passed to the output shaft, resulting in a lower output speed. Main features: a high-speed ratio and high efficiency: advanced driving, we can achieve 1:87 of the reduction ratio, more than 90% efficiency, if the multi-level transmission, a larger reduction ratio. Second, small size, compact structure: As a result of planetary driving principle, the input shaft and input shaft on the same axis, so compact, small size. Third, the smooth operation and low noise: cycloid gear engagement number, overlap coefficient and has a smooth mechanical mechanism to limit vibration and noise to a minimum. Fourth, the use of reliable, long life

The main components used for bearing steel, hardened (HRC58-62) to obtain high-strength, and departments with a rolling friction contact with the drive, so durable and long life. Reasonable design, easy maintenance, easy to break down installation, the minimum number of parts and simple lubrication, the cycloid reducer trusted by the user.

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