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Wuxi Duchang Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established more than ten years of history. The main production cable conveyor, DCS-3 cable conveyor, DCS-5 cable conveyors, cable pulling machine is a leading manufacturer of cable conveyors, the power industry in the country to enjoy a higher profile, year-round commitment to the Chinese cable transportation industry and services, promoting quality first, service first premise of professional ethics, and actively adapt to the urban construction and development of the electricity demand for products and services, to seize the opportunity to adapt to the development of reform and opening up and actively promote the production process and product style, cast the brand, enhance the comprehensive strength.

For regional economic development and urban construction has made its own contribution. Science and technology are primary productive forces, science and technology there is no business without life, there is no business of the future, only continued the mastery and use of higher science and technology, in order to encourage enterprises to continue to move forward. The latest technology into our products go to market continuously updated to provide better products, is always our pursuit. The new economic era has brought us opportunities, but also face more severe challenges, but we have reason to believe: that we can achieve greater success! Because we have extraordinary dreams, the pursuit of innovation,

Even a high quality, to fight the workforce. We are firm before the monk. In order to facilitate the user's work time, after years of factory experience, well-developed set of advanced equipment, using a program shortcut, a convenient pulley conveyor power construction equipment. Our products not only wear, but wear and tear on the cable without any harm, on the ground, underground, aerial progress of the project played an immediate effect, the majority of users. Our concept of the integrity of the service, quality products ensure that you are welcome to come we will always adhere to "quality first, integrity-based" approach to business.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and willing to the price of real dedication to new and old customers. In looking forward to establish long-term good relations of cooperation. Welcome to call us come visit! Factory specializing in the production of electric power construction tools for its main products are: cable conveyor, motorized cutter mill, cable reel trailers, cable pay-off, the cable net set the connector, rotary connector , aluminum pole, etc. power construction tools. Uses: suitable for large-scale urban power grids, suitable for large cross-section, long-distance cable laying, reduce labor intensity, improve construction quality.

Aircraft thrust, small size, light weight, easy to operate, the cable pipes, tunnels buried, particularly applicable to long-distance transmission and other occasions. Can be stand-alone single push, the number of machines in series can also be used. Cable conveyor transport the rubber die casting wheel can be adjusted according to the diameter of the cable center distance. Modular cable conveyor is used for long-distance transmission of large cross-section cable equipment, particularly for tunnels, pipes, buried cables and other types of long-range laying, not the terrain constraints, can bend the cable trench , cross the road, put the cable operations for the pipeline.

[Features] a solid aluminum material, light weight, removable use, convenient and flexible, especially for narrow trenches, the case of poor construction, simple operation. New modular cable conveyor is used for long distance transportation of large cross-section cable equipment, is particularly suitable for tunnels, pipes, buried and other types of long-distance cable laying, not the terrain restrictions, the cable channel in the bend , the cross-roads, pipelines to put the cable operations. The machine consists of electric motor, the two high-flexible, tough wear rubber cone wheel, the cable is down to two rubber wheel rubber wheel, the

Dual role of promoting the up and down the cable, the friction coefficient is small, transport force, without the slightest damage to the cable. Cone wheel clearance adjustable, adapting to the cable diameter from 80mm to 180mm, put away, remove the cable the cable is also very convenient, because this part of the height of only 340mm, will not cause the cable bend. The cable conveyor can simultaneously control several groups, each conveyor built-in sub-control box, not with sub-control box, a group with a control box to the total

Business: Our main products are cable conveyors, cable pulling machine, a variety of cable pulley, cable tray, cable pay-off MC nylon wheel, and works with a variety of cable equipment, the factory according to customer demand a variety of cable transportation machinery and electrical equipment! Welcome you contact us to discuss! Our staff will be happy to serve you! Business goals: in the fierce market competition, our company will continue to "customer-centric, sincere service and constant innovation" concept based on the market.

Note: This company can help customers design a variety of terrain cable transmission construction program of the Company to undertake the laying of the cable transmission projects across the country. In order to save your valuable time, allowing you to stay informed about our products at our web site download section there cable transport machinery-related technical parameters information! Welcome to your visit and cooperation

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