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[HT ]Jiangyin No.4 Textile Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. [Not certified ]
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As many year development practice, Four Star machine unifies own characteristic and the management demand creates he enterprise culture suited the company characteristic t, caused the enterprise promotion from the conventional management to the modern management, the cultural management. The success enterprise is inevitably efficient in the successful culture. Because the advanced culture compares the backward culture to be able to adapt the competition request, has the vitality.
The enterprise culture is one kind of atmosphere, this kind of atmosphere we are called the management atmosphere. The enterprise culture form one kind of positive tendency, forms one kind of positive upward atmosphere, forms one kind of brand-new mental outlook.
The Jiangyin No.4 Textile Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd makes the limited company the enterprise culture mainly to manifest in following several aspects:
(1) Establishment study style, the high efficiency management system, enhances the company unceasingly the brand benefit and the strategic value.
(2) Business goal: The scientific management, casts the remarkable quality; The insistence innovation, anticipate the profession future.
(3) Enterprise idea: The order form is the order, the quality and the service is the life, the efficiency is the guarantee. The customer order form is the best instruction which we work, we should make any, should not make any, all must do according to the customer order form. The product quality and the service decide enterprise's life. The market will not wait for any one, and the working efficiency is the most basic guarantee the market to hold the market in first time. ?
(4) Enterprise spirit: Obligation, professional, and selfless offer. Enterprise's development cannot lack of the endeavor of stuff, this requests everybody in the practical work, must have deeply loves the duty post, works diligently, the spirit which offers for the enterprise. Only the enterprise
then can do selflessly does greatly strongly. The enterprise has developed, can further guarantee our life quality. We must connect individual goal with enterprise's destiny tightly, achieves double abundant harvest of enterprise and individual destiny. Each employee of Four Star all to have to keep firmly in mind above enterprise spirit!
(5) Enterprise values: Makes the enterprise bigger and stronger, makes a scientific research enterprise, the pursue enterprise profit maximization, repays in the staff, repays in the society.
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086 86-510-86365808,86-510-86963830,86-510-86361210
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086 86-510-86361211
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China_Jiangsu Province_Jiangyin City
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[HT ] No.58 Yungu Road, Changshou, Zhouzhuang Town, Jiangyin, Jiangsu, China.,CODE:214424
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