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Sichuan Hua Fu Co., Ltd. is located in the high-end wine business wine country of origin Shuijingfang Chengdu, Sichuan, the brewing process with the Chinese wine king Wuliangye the same workshop in the production base of China's largest liquor Wenjun Qionglai hometown. Our factory is located in the Sichuan Basin, the edge, back Qionglai Mountain - Erlang - in Mt. Here a beautiful, year round rainfall, summer heat and winter cold, the average temperature was 16.5 degrees, ideal for growth and reproduction of microbes. Coupled with the brewing liquor indispensable quality mountain springs and viscous Wong,

The unique geographical environment and natural resources, water quality brewing liquor for my plant provides a natural condition. Wine Co., Ltd. Sichuan, China Fu was founded in the early 80s, through nearly 30 years of continuous innovation, integrity management, has developed into a major wine producing protection enterprises. Factory area of ​​10 square meters. I plant with four large standardized wine shop, with an annual output of 10,000 tons of wine, the annual production of 2,000 pits, reserve capacity of 10,000 tons. Two filling workshop, three green, green, fully enclosed modern bottling line, filling the annual production capacity of bottled wine to reach 10,000 tons.

Our factory has all kinds of 28 professional technical management personnel, including national and provincial liquor tasting 6, more than 300 employees. Wine Co., Ltd. Sichuan, Fujian China, the recent honor: Sichuan eight wine, liquor manufacturers (eight wine enterprises in Sichuan), Ali Baba quality liquor suppliers, liquor AAA credit enterprise, not consumer disputes enterprises, 50 private enterprises in Chengdu, protection liquor companies, associations Recommend liquor liquor brands, the food industry and other well-known liquor brand reputation. At present, our factory is applying for the Sichuan famous brands. I plant the brewing process and Wuliangye.

Jiannanchun exactly the same, its main raw materials: wheat, rice, glutinous rice, corn sorghum. Fu Jinhua Fu Hua own brand of gold grains were liquid Jinhong Shun Shu series of liquor, each brand has a number of series of low high school, quality of products from selected food - Fermentation - Brewing - test - bartender - Filling - censorship - the factory, each a part of all do better. According to the modern market demand, the taste of each market and recorded in a comprehensive analysis of file different taste for each market, specifically prepared to ensure that the taste for local consumers.

Welcome to the new and old customers to our factory to discuss: Sichuan liquor, wine agents, wine processing (OEM) OEM white wine, white wine investment, liquor brand, white wine, bulk wine, wine, liquor and other related professionals for cooperation! Join For details, please check our factory website: or www. Sichuan liquor. Cn Hotline: 13688318958 (to remind: Website upper right of "Click for free and I call" Welcome to inquire)

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