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Management Consulting Shanghai Co., Ltd. with He is approved by the government departments, industrial and commercial registration of legal bodies for the record, is a modern enterprise management research and promotion of the international advanced management experience the company provides comprehensive management consulting and management training services, specializing in management system consulting, product consulting, customer audit consulting, safety management consulting, management consulting, business management training, career planning and consulting, image planning. The company relies on the advantages of the international metropolis Shanghai, fully absorbing the international advanced management experience and management philosophy, combined with China's national conditions,

Form most suitable for the development of Chinese enterprise management consulting philosophy. The company has a rich management experience, training and by domestic and foreign professional organizations registered with the national consultants, national registered auditors, the state registered safety engineer, safety officer, professional development planners qualified professional team with rich management consulting , training, experience and professional support team, we are committed to personalized business solutions tailored to fully meet the various needs of enterprise management to maximize profits for the company. The company has a state registered senior auditor, senior consultant qualifications and extensive practical experience,

Management experience, training, counseling experience, team of certified full-time, best to provide the best quality service. After we have served the enterprise, its management system fully integrated with the company management practice and effective to help enterprises improve their management level, to avoid the actual management system and a "mismatch" phenomenon. We are with SGS, BSI, MOODY, TUV, NQA, DNA, DKQAA, CQC, CCIC and other domestic and international certification bodies to establish a stable strategic partner, the enterprise management system and product certification by 100%. The company has more than a full-time professional management consultants, they have a highly educated,

And in the international and domestic large enterprise groups have worked, with at least ten years of work experience, can provide the most appropriate to their development of business management consulting to help customers integrate enterprise resources, reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve staff enthusiasm, to achieve a qualitative leap in the management level. Audits the company's customer guidance counselor, has a fair line of more than three years experience in audit, can help customers to easily deal with the lowest cost of all types of customer audits and training for the company, the reserves of such personnel. Senior state registered company auditors and senior consultant team, on behalf of clients to provide audits of suppliers of services.

Company has a rich theoretical and practical experience of the senior national registration for all types of security engineers can provide safety and security of production and hosting management consulting services to help customers establish a sound safety management system, personnel of the relevant safety training, less security hidden dangers and prevent various types of security incidents, and easily respond to fire and safety monitoring, inspection and other government departments.

The company's career development planners and the image of planners for individuals and employees to provide professional, high quality image of the planning and career development planning services, customized professional image and career development to help employees and individuals to success. The company has offices in major cities across the country, offices, business contact points, the consultants throughout the country, in order to more easily provide services to customers.

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086 4006 999 578,021-51698161
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086 021-51698161
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[MT ]895 West Yan'an Road, Shanghai International Financial Plaza Shenya 20FD, Zip Code: 200050
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