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[MT ]Shelf Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of Tianjin Golden Dragon [Not certified ]
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Shelf Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of Tianjin Golden Dragon is the earliest in a variety of shelves, logistics systems, automated warehouse system, and a variety of cold-formed steel in the planning, design, manufacture, installation and consulting services to one of the largest professional manufacturers; it has a strong the technology, integration of advanced production equipment, mature team and improve the installation of the service system. Beichen shelf factory is located in Development Zone, covers an area of ​​30,000 square meters, with various types of storage products, production equipment, from hot and cold Coil Slitting, general profile rolling mill, rolling shelves dedicated high-precision, CNC punching, welding, static powder automatic spray, and other production lines,

Form a complete production system. Shelves in strict accordance with ISO9001 quality system, and always the pursuit of advanced international management mode, constantly absorbing domestic and international logistics industry, advanced technology, combined with the actual situation of domestic enterprises, and constantly develop new technologies, new products, so our logistics in the domestic logistics industry leading level . We always uphold the "planning time and space well beyond the expectations of manufacturers say what," the quality, service and quality to create "Dragon" brand. Shelf to pursue the optimization of each project, the best quality and perfect after-sales service.

The company has well-known enterprises at home and abroad has nearly completed a large warehouse, logistics and distribution center construction of the project. Among them, the logistics center in Wuhu Chery Automobile Parts, Toyota Auto Parts Middle East Center, Japan Kao finished product warehouse, warehouse Yangzi BASF, Changchun FAW Parts Center, Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport and other logistics engineering, won a number of multinational corporations Chinese enterprises and domestic companies alike. And has become Toyota, Toshiba and other large multinational logistics equipment designated priority to buy companies. Our main products are: a, storage system series: all kinds of light, medium and heavy-duty combination of adjustable shelves, non-standard rack;

Second, titanium shelves, fine Showcase; three, attic type rack and steel platform; four-station equipment series: all kinds of standard, non-standard station equipment and metal structures; five logistics transportation system: a variety of transportation machine and production line control system; six, handling equipment series: hydraulic lifts, oil drums to vent material car, take a car, truck, etc.; seven cold-formed steel series: all kinds of cold-formed steel sections. VIII, book shelves: a variety of books audio and video racks, shelves. September, supermarket shelves: a variety of back supermarket shelves, supermarket trolleys.

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