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One of the five hundred best township enterprises, the state medium-sized enterprises - the third cotton mill in Taicang, developed rapidly in recent years new high-tech textile enterprise. Property is located in Fumin Feng Su, tin, often within the Golden Triangle, South Hill Shanghai development zone, east of the Yangtze COSCO Terminal, west of Suzhou Industrial Park, Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone near the north, the location convenient transportation. Covers an area of ​​180 acres, of which four separate workshop building area of ​​forty thousand square meters, three workshops and a cotton yarn processing plant hire out, the total assets of 71.2 million yuan, with 60,000 spindles, 1,200 personnel,

Mainly produces cotton, polyester, rayon, acrylic blend, and several other categories of more than thirty species, annual 10,000 tons, and annual profits of 10 million yuan. In order to achieve first-class products, first-class business goals, enterprises should select a number of college graduates which went to Shanghai, Wuxi for further study, creating a group to understand the production, management, technical precision of the technology team. At the same time often hire experienced domestic experts and professors to plant guide work together for the development of enterprises, product development, seeking out the plan. In recent years companies focus on collecting information on domestic and foreign markets, to accelerate the pace of the main transformation,

Purchase of the advanced spinning equipment and sophisticated testing equipment, from raw materials to finished products throughout the production process of implementation of a comprehensive quality control to ensure product quality and enhance the stability. While optimizing product mix, improve product quality, development and production of combed cotton and blended, cotton acrylic blend, bamboo fiber, silk, cotton, linen rayon and other quality new products. In the course of several decades of development, many enterprises have accumulated valuable experience, 30 were cotton products have been rated as high quality products, business to win a star enterprise of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province advanced enterprises,

Ministry of Agriculture, Trade Ministry and named Mao Gongnong large export base for dozens of enterprises, the honorary title of advanced, three times was named director Zhou Guoping township entrepreneurs, and labor model, Jiangsu Province. City has repeatedly been listed as role models for industrial systems, as was the development of township enterprises made a positive contribution. November 2000 三 cotton plant in accordance with the requirements of the higher authorities of ownership reform, township and village enterprises into private joint-stock enterprises, collective enterprises complete withdrawal of shares, from business leaders, cadres and ordinary middle-level employees as investment restructuring, plant level team of investment 445.5 million, with a 49.99% stake;

Middle-level cadres, a total investment of 4.0875 million yuan, with 45.87% of shares; employee shares centralized trade unions, the unions will invest a total of 369,000 yuan shares, representing 4.14% stake, through restructuring, improving the enthusiasm of the cadres and workers. In the new century, the three cotton textile plant will continue to be based development, attract foreign investment engaged in the joint, accelerate the pace of investment system reform, accelerate business development, strive to two years, the scale of fixed assets and then doubled.

First Union to set up the core competitiveness of the textile as an extension of the industry, construction, machine park the size of a hundred units Knitting Factory; the second expansion of spinning the scale and improve textile quality; the third variety of developing eco-friendly fibers such as bamboo fiber paddle, color made of cotton and other final products on the market; fourth invest in non-woven products, place among the non-woven market. Three cotton mills gradually built a textile-based, extended development of the integrated enterprise.

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