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[MT ]Guangzhou Anti-static Equipment Factory management ring [Not certified ]
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[MT ]Lai, Ng
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086 13711422667,13711576907
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Guangzhou plant manager, a sound anti-static innovative company, located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, with high-quality professionals and excellent electrostatic management team, with strong research and development R & D, manufacturing, sales, using German technology, has developed and produced good results in addition to electrostatic ion fan, air guns, ion air nozzle, the ion wind wand, with the exception of static electricity grids, surface resistance tester, human tester, static and other static equipment tester Our products are widely used in LED displays, LCD LCD, PCB products, electronics factory, semiconductor, circuit board, chip, precision instruments,

Medical equipment, printing, screen printing, packaging, coating, plastics, optical resin lenses and other industries, customers throughout the country's large and small businesses, high-tech, aerospace industry, listed companies, foreign-funded enterprises, multinational companies, access to customer praise, in addition to static industry has become well-known enterprises in the industry have a significant influence. Our products: 1. Ion fan: Desktop ion fan, horizontal ion fan, hanging fan ions, and ion wind drum, the first single ion fan, double ion fan, three ion fan, four ion blower;

2. Ion Air Gun: Ion air gun, the bulk ion air guns, ion air gun plastic gun, TOP GUN ion air gun, high-precision ion air gun; 3. Ion wind Tsui: ion wind Tsui, the bulk of ion wind Tsui, optical sensing ion wind Tsui, ranked ion wind Tsui, ion wind serpent, optical sensing ion wind serpent; 4. Ion wind wand: ion Tongbang, ion rod, ion wind Tongbang, ion wind rod, ion wind screens; 5. In addition to static grid: In addition to static electricity grids, from the subnet, air shower; 6. Testing equipment: surface resistance tester, wrist strap tester, human tester, static tester, level layout static tester,

Body static tester, grounding system alarm; 7. Anti-static clothing: anti-static coat, anti-static split clothing, anti-static coveralls, anti-static shawl hat, cap, round cap, chef hat; 8. Anti-static shoes: EVA Slippers anti-static, anti-static PVC slippers, four anti-static shoes, canvas shoes, antistatic, anti-static mesh shoes, mesh shoes anti-static Velcro; 9. Anti-static products: anti-static gloves, anti-static finger sets, anti-static brush, anti-static tweezers, anti-static trays, anti-static component boxes, anti-static wrist band, anti-static grounding wire, clean cloth, air-laid paper, sticky dust pad.

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086 020-39938850,39938860
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086 020-39938860
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China_Guangdong Province_Guangzhou
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[MT ]Luopu Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou City Road, Sha Kau 13 (Ha Kau MTR exit A)
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