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[MT ]Shanghai Shenwei Machinery Co., Ltd., formerly Shanghai Fengxian Shenwei Machinery Factory [Not certified ]
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[MT ]Zhou Zulong
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Shanghai Machinery Co., Ltd. is the original divinity divinity Fengxian District, Shanghai Machinery Factory is a professional production hoist (0.5t ~ 32t), the level of traction, tractors, Tic-Tac-aircraft, mortar machines, winches, lifts and other construction machinery enterprises, have been 16 years of production history, with the national industrial production permit and iso9001 certification, the State designated enterprise hoist production, but also the area of ​​advanced units and three measures of qualified units. Our factory is a construction machinery manufacturing enterprises, the production of "the prestige" brand winches and winch made national production license issued by the Ministry of Construction;

Grade III by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision of qualified enterprises measurement; 2004 through ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification. "On the Viagra brand" winches and winch unit has been designated for many businesses to buy products, annual production and annual sales hit record highs. Construction projects in many countries, can see the Shanghai production of winches and winch divinity. I produced electric winch, electric winch, winch system of the Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard, the ship Hudong Xinhua Group, Shanghai Port Machinery Group, Shanghai Crane Group, and other widely used. Through the company's continuous efforts of all staff,

"On the Viagra brand" winch has gradually become a star product! JK, JM type hoist and winch is my many years of experience in plant science and technology personnel, innovative improved form. It is driven by motor through flexible coupling, three enclosed gear box, drive rolls Jaw couplings, using the electromagnetic brake. From the design - production - Internal testing - the factory has a staff strictly. The product is versatile, compact structure, small size, light weight, play a significant, easy to use transfer is widely used in construction, water conservancy, forestry, mining, port and other materials drag down or flat,

Also for modern electronically controlled automatic operation of the line equipment. I plant the production of electric winch models: JM20-type winches and winch, JM5 type hoist and winch, 0.5T winches and winch, JM12T winches and winch, JM16T winches and winch, 5T winches and winch, 3.2T winches and winch, 2T hoist and winch, 1T winches and winch, 10T winches and winch, JM8 type winches and winch and so on. Special specifications can also be the top do. Models of the same model and hoist winch. There are construction derrick, construction tractors, construction mortar machine, receiving the same level of custom-made tractor.
Price Description: Due to the requirements of different customers different winch parameters, not the same as shipping address, and make frequent price fluctuations of raw materials, so the winch costs, transportation costs, taxes, etc. are different, so do not do in the unity of this offer, please quote Electric consultation, email, fax, and other communication tools can be, the company promises are fair and reasonable offer.

We always adhere to the "people-oriented, innovation, quality first, customer first" quality policy, followed by the development trend of domestic and foreign construction machinery, and constantly develop new products to meet the needs of society. Our advanced manufacturing equipment, detection means perfect, skilled, reliable product quality, prompt delivery, abide by the contract, special specifications can also be customized. Our country has distribution points in major cities, but also warmly welcomes the community to visit or call our factory letter purchase.

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086 021-67189519
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086 021-67186387
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China_Shanghai_Fengxian District
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[MT ]Green Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai, China Highway 4158 along the money, Post Code: 201414
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