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An Introduction of the Company

I : Basic Situation of the Company
1)Basic situation
Company name:Wenzhou Feiyue Financial Equipment Co.Ltd

Legal Representative: Yang Chengran

Shareholders: Yang Chengran, ,Song Baihua, Li Shuhua, Cai li

Company Feature: Limited Corporation

Commpany Scope: Manufacturing and Sale of Financial Automaatic Equipment

Registered Capital: 21,000,000RMB

Registered Place : Huangyu Industrial Zone,Zhenghai District, Wenzhou City, Chain

2 )Area Advantages
Wenzhou City lies in the seashore of Southern Chain
Zhenjiang Province.It isone of the first open harbour cities in China.
Wiith efficient airport, highway,railway and harbour network , the transportation is convenient. Wenzhou has a long history in manufacturing. It has developed quickly in
Manufacturing car and motorcycle parts,leather and costume equipment.Its products are
Sold to all part of China and some countries in Europe and America.
Wenzhou City has a leading position in manufacturing industry because it has numerous private---owned. Enterprises.It is a manufacturing base with a dvanced processing equipment and modern digital machines, which makes it have advantages over others in quality and cost control.

3)Present Products
At present, automatic money binders, which are widely used in distributing centers in Bank of China, cash centres of special banks and other level of banks,are its knockout products,From 1998 to now, 50000 units have been sold to all parts of the world,with 20000 yuan for each , among which 8000 units were sold in 2008.

II : Scheme and Goal of the Company

1. Scheme and Goal
The main goal of the company is to develop and manufacture mechatronics eqaipment. As it has a long history in developing and manufacturing financial equipment, a lot of international enterprises would like to co-operate with Feiyue company in technology and its products are sold to China and other parts of the world .

1. Staff
Feiyue company has a staff of 375 people, two of whom has graduate degree,four has undergarduate degree, two has junior college education bankground
18% of them have medium or high technician certificate. Most workers and service staff graduate from Fechnical school . Their education lasts average 12 years.

3)Sales and Service
Products of Feiyue have been sold to all provinces of the mainland since 1996.they are widley used in all levels of banks. The company has sales and after sale service inmost parts of China .

1. Facilities and Environment
The company lies in the Huangyu Industrial zone of Wenzhou City with two standard work shops,one office building and good manufacturing and storage facilities. It has domitories and canteens for the staff. All of these guarantee the smooth operation of the company.

1. Scientific Study
In computer software ,microelectronics and compicated machinery. From 2006 to 2008,the input for scientific study amounts to 8% of the total income, most of which is used for buying automatic equipment.
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