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The Shanghai Color Digital Printing Co., Ltd. specializes in textile fabric screen printing, transfer printing, is a research, production, sales as one integrated company. Site is located in Baoshan District of Shanghai, Hu Tai Road, near the No. 7 subway line traffic road station, very convenient transportation, clothing wholesale market from seven Pu Road, 5 km away. Department of color spend five years have been in the business of textile, garments, overalls, uniforms, bedding, printing and other processing operations. At present the scale of our factory is equipped with five printing lines with automatic drying machines, copy equipment.

Department of color printing factory has professional designers to spend more than either simple or complex patterns of customers, where you can find a very good printing solutions, to design a portfolio of high quality flowers, flower varieties designed complete, reputation in the industry. Plate employed engineers, the use of modern high-tech imported equipment, plate-making of high quality, fast time; printing technology staff, staff of more than color, with a color accurate, bright, color range; order to ensure the printing quality, I plant in the choice of printing materials be used on foreign environmental slurry, in the printing process and, after treatment Cengcengbaguan

Meet export requirements to ensure quality. Thermal transfer guide has professional and technical personnel, printing high quality, fastness, fast shipping. Our factory specializes in screen printing technologies: water paste printing, mortar printing, inks, plastisol ink, hot drilling, glitter, foam, flocking, reflective, luminescent, pearl, glass beads, silica gel, thick convex pulp , heat transfer, sublimation, offset heat transfer, gold and silver powder, pearl paste, transition and color, color four-color printing, discharge, cracks and other special printing paste
Our main business processing printing products: nightwear, T-shirts, hats, cut pieces, tooling and semi-finished knitted fabrics,

Woven cloth, nylon cloth, billet installed, towels, banners and other printing printing. And advertising mugs, mouse pads, badges customization services. Department of color printing industry over the years spent in Shanghai joint venture are: PONY, SAP, DMG Digital Media Group, the International Fund for Nature, Riverside Hospital, Hsin Yi pharmaceutical, Kony, Shanghai television, Xinmin Evening News, and major School and so on. The Shanghai color digital printing products not only supply the domestic customer needs, but also exported to Europe and America. Companies, according to the different amounts of different printing methods.

Products and services will make you feel convenient and flexible for use in your products can greatly enhance the value of your products for you to bring greater economic benefits. We provide products to ensure that: 1 good quality, professional quality assurance. 2, low price and high yield. 3, since no quantitative requirements, a large quantity can retire Edition fees. 4 speed, proofing 1-3 days, 3-6 days.
Companies with "integrity" principle, willing to work with textile printing at home and abroad customers to create brilliant mileage. We sincerely welcome all businesses and calls, letters, business negotiations.

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[MT ]China, East Daming Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, Room 391 5025
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