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Large Motor Factory Jieyang City Association Limited is a medium-sized motor design, production, installation, maintenance in one of the specialized enterprises, manufacturing motor products for more than 40 years of history. The main products are TF, TFW series of medium-sized high-pressure diesel-synchronous generator; T, TM, TL series of medium-sized high-voltage synchronous motor: SF, SFW series of small hydro; YR rolling medium-sized high and low voltage electrical asynchronous motor and related control system. Various types of electrical power from 200KW to 20000KW. Installation team, the company has strong technical force,

Most technicians have participated in the State Department for a machine, six local Ministry of Water Resources designated the military products, marine motors, and various types of hydro-generating unit's design, production, experienced and skilled. With many domestic universities and research institutions in close contact with a number of medium-sized professional manufacturer for technical collaboration. Continue to adopt the international advanced technology and processes for product development and quality assurance company providing a solid foundation. 2001 enterprises through ISO9001-2000 international quality system approval. Products sold throughout the country, reputable. Companies under the regulation of ISO9001 quality management, deepen the internal management, adhere to scientific and technological innovation,

Continue to increase new product development efforts. The development and utilization of renewable energy, the company successfully designed in cooperation with the research supporting the production of biomass fuel gas generator sets now available on the market. "Large Electric Association," "quality first, service satisfaction, continuous improvement, keeping forging ahead," the quality, promote struggling Pinbo, pioneering spirit and dedication to provide customers with quality products and excellent service. Warm welcome to work together to create brilliant. First, the design and manufacturing as the fundamental, quality is produced, and manufacturing from design start.

Has several years of experience of senior engineers and engineers, technicians began to seek applications from the design the latest scientific and technological achievements, combined with decades of experience, designed to make products with better performance and quality, more cost-effective, and improve work efficiency, shorten production cycle. Second, materials and strive to adopt high-quality, high credibility of the material. In strict accordance with the provisions of the selection, to eliminate all substandard materials. Third, the company always adhere to "quality of survival, quality and development, quality and credibility, quality and efficiency" approach. From design to audit the factory, strict control.

All manufacturing process specifications, quality control, testing in strict accordance with national and international relevant standards, in strict accordance with ISO9000 quality control standards for all-round. Manufactured products, allows users to rest assured. Great Society in the ISO9001 quality management system under the guidance of relying on quality products and excellent service, won the majority of user acceptance. Fourth, maintenance of: providing technical advice, scene of the accident analysis. The implementation of all maintenance services DL/T596-1996 standards. All maintenance services are to submit technology program.
All maintenance services are to submit test reports.

V. good faith for the purposes of business, service train. Enterprise strictly follow the "meticulous construction, quality first, pay attention to efficiency and dedication." From product design and manufacturing to maintenance and installation, from the production of high-voltage to the motor cycle test qualified, Heartstopper try to provide you with the most timely and satisfactory products and professional service maintenance services.

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086 0663-8862499
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086 0663-8871983
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China_Guangdong Province_Jieyang
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[MT ]Rongcheng District, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province, Hong Kong East along the north side of Tiandong Xianqiao 2-3, Postal Code: 522000
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