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[MT ]Taiji Group Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of Nanchong, Nanchong pharmaceutical Taiji Group [Not certified ]
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Easy Tai Chi is the two appearances. Astrotech four images and four images Health Health gossip. Tai Chi who is also the beginning of all things, so great to National Cheng Kung University, a small order into small; big of heaven and earth pass away, the small of the note being put, deep However, Tai Chi Li, everywhere. Tai Chi who is also the beginning of all things, great to National Cheng Kung University, a small order to become small. Therefore, round to fine Austrian, dealt with gently, endless ... ... named to Tai Chi World Taiji Group James Aura, set Yingcai of pride, back roof of the world Everest, feet on the Yangtze and Yellow torrents, determined the prosperity of the Chinese nation contribute.

Since 1992, by the spring breeze of reform and opening up, the output value of profits doubled for many years and achieved rapid development of various economic indicators rank the forefront of the domestic industry. Jiang Zemin, Wen Jiabao, Li Peng, Wu Bangguo, Zeng Qinghong, Zou other party and state leaders have personally inspected the work of Taiji Group, spoke highly of the continuous development of the Tai Chi into a powerful force. Today's "Tai Chi" (TAIJI) has become well-known trademark; one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises; assets of 16.0 billion; has three listed companies: "Taiji Group" --600,129 "Tong Junge" -

000591 "Southwest Pharmaceutical" --600,666; 6000 Dispensary; 13,000 employees, nine laboratories, more than 20 commercial companies; 2009, Group sales totaled 13.0 billion, becoming the most complete pharmaceutical industrial chain large enterprise groups. Solid strength in the back of Taiji Group, has a strong research system, the system by the Chongqing Institute of Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi Medical Research Institute, post-doctoral research centers and five workstations. Among them, the Chongqing Institute of Chinese Medicine is the largest Chinese professional scientific research institutions,

Chinese medicine has the world's largest specimens of more than 30 million copies, more than 50 acres of medicinal botanical garden, Kangding and Shiqu base of 20 million mu of Cordyceps, Cordyceps is expected to reach 100 million production, which not only laid the foundation for the industrialization of Chinese medicine, but also promote economic development in ethnic minority areas. Taiji Group also Peking University, Military Medical Sciences, China Pharmaceutical University, and other institutions to create the 15 post-doctoral stations, there are more than 20 post-doctoral. Taiji Group R & D centers all over the world: new product design center of Beijing, the German Medical Information Center, the American Medical Information Center,

Research Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Sydney, Macau Tai Chi Co., Ltd., responsible for new product design and technological intelligence-gathering agencies. As we all know, science and technology into productive forces, will produce a qualitative leap, and Taiji Group is relying on advanced product development and advanced production technology leap forward. It has an annual output of 100 million syrup bottles of Asia's largest production line; annual output of 1 billion of the nation's largest production line of oral solution; on medicinal extract 10 million tonnes of the largest Chinese herbal medicine treatment plant and the extraction and concentration before the workshop; China's first GMP model Workshop freeze-dried powder production line.

Has the world's most advanced bottle production line in Japan, Germany, a large soft bag infusion production line, automatic particle production line in Canada, Italy, fully automatic packaging line. Taiji Group from a pure pharmaceutical company, and gradually developed into a research and development, production, sales as one of the major pharmaceutical groups. Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Tong Junge in western China's largest pharmaceutical commercial enterprises, with the western most perfect pharmaceutical business network, is the first chain through the GSP certification to more than 6,000 pharmacies, more than 1,500 village-level radiation counter drugs the domestic retail market, business regulations more than 20,000 items,

Famous 600. Western Medical Group in Chengdu Tai Chi at the core of the medical logistics system, including Chengdu, Chongqing, two major regional logistics centers and distribution of delivery centers in 14 Southwest, is the most developed western region medical logistics system. Easy Tai Chi is two appearances; astrotech four images and four images Health Health Bagua, Taiji Group to culture for thousands of years into the practice of Tai Chi, Tai Chi Lian on a set of marketing art of war: the "full marketing" killer for the market quickly expand market share and sales network, with more than 3,000 sales staff, more than 500 general agents, more than 3,000 distributors,

More than 4,000 hospital pharmacies, more than 100,000 pharmacies. Impressive performance as the Tai Chi group "comprehensive system of marketing management" won "First Prize state management in 2000," the honor. Over the years, Taiji Group with its abundant resources, technology, equipment, personnel, networks introduce a number of well-known advantages of the advantages of variety, truly a generation of new drug development, the formation of development, development of generation, the generation reserve a benign pattern. Existing varieties of Chinese and Western medicine more than 1,500. The exclusive production of the varieties of more than 50 108 national patents,

Varieties of Chinese medicine to protect the State more than 30 varieties of annual sales of more than 6 billion. Oral 97 Huoxiangzhengqi by the World Intellectual Property and China jointly issued by the Chinese Patent Office Gold patented invention, with annual sales over billion. Longevity kidney capsule of a billion in sales. Acute bronchitis syrup in recent years, steady growth in sales, with annual sales of 4 billion. Prostate capsule protector of tomato, a tomato capsule is equivalent to the efficacy of 3 kg tomatoes, the antioxidant capacity of vitamin E, 100 times. As a new generation of anti-cancer drug paclitaxel, to lift the suffering of countless cancer patients.

Donatello 60 million for diabetes research in China, is the world's most effective treatment of type 2 diabetes drugs, is one of the only proprietary anti-diabetic drug, Donatello in 2007 China won the gold medal of patented inventions. Product is an extension of Tai Chi's ancient culture, is "loyalty, unity, hard work, responsibility" Tai Chi Man "to create health and happiness of mankind, and comprehensively improve the quality of life of the ideal" birth. In the management of the full implementation of the annual salary system, while taking the "Keeping the Spirit" approach, the implementation of management staff rotation, shift holiday system (or do research, or to university studies, or study abroad,

Three to five years after the rotation). In addition, the tai chi group also courage, and good "by air", bold use and integration of community resources, "the eyes inward focus on management, both hands grasping the outside market, the feet down for research on" adhering to "high standards and strict requirements "candidates, and educating people, employment, attention to the cultivation of young talent compound.

The company encourages employees to develop a series of further education system and complementary measures, to take delivery training MBA, study abroad training, job training, etc., to create a learning team. To date, more than 200 passengers doctoral, master; more than 200 people to the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia and other countries and regional training and study tours. Taiji Group outstanding performance to meet the whole world will be guests for the benefit of common people common people. Health of the world, Tai Chi unlimited.

Taiji Group, Department of Nanchong, Sichuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. carrying style Taiji Group merger in 1999 established the state-owned pharmaceutical plant in Nanchong, Sichuan Taiji Group (now renamed in December 2008 for the Pacific Group, Nanchong, Sichuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) is a subsidiary of Taiji Group. With Tai Chi brand, after recent years of rapid development, the formation of the current Northeast's most influential manufacturers of proprietary Chinese medicines, medicines with an annual output capacity of four thousand tons of annual production value of nearly billion yuan. Company for many years been rated as "quality of trust", "contract Shou credibility" enterprise.

Municipal, city rated as advanced enterprises, for many years as tax advanced enterprises, the municipal ideological and political work as an advanced unit, the municipal civilized unit, over the years by municipal, city as a "comprehensive management model unit", "Safety and Health civilized district "title. City Federation of Trade Unions as an advanced unit. Taiji Group in Nanchong, Sichuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical companies Taiji Group, with various professional and technical personnel at all levels of more than 70 people, including, medicine, engineering and technical personnel 40 people, more than 20 licensed pharmacist, a large number of job card and have access to occupational skilled workers in professional and technical skills.

Enterprise has become the larger medium-sized pharmaceutical companies, in accordance with the State Food and Drug Administration regulations, the investment 15 million yuan for the GMP reform, in April 2005 low through the National Certification acceptance. With advanced production equipment and modern means of detection, with granules, syrup, mixture, wine agents, tinctures, tablets, oral liquid formulations of seven categories, each series of products already on the market for people to add a new health care characteristics of species, the majority of consumers. Yan Qi State three new drugs against hepatitis B liver complex virus particles because of their far more efficient than the domestic similar drugs,

Exclusive production of varieties of national Chinese medicine to protect the public patch and its family of moth species and broad prospects. Meanwhile Huoxiangzhengqi water, Huoxiangzhengqi particles, cold cough particles, particles in children Qingyan series features traditional children with high quality products in the market have a higher profile and reputation. Currently, the Taiji Group Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. located in Nanchong Nanchong municipal government has established a "city back into the park," a strategic move, which gives Taiji Group Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of Nanchong provided a rare opportunity for development.

The company will withdraw from the existing production site, the relocation into the industrial park, and as an opportunity to expand the production scale, the formation of sales of 3-5 billion in annual output value of the production capacity and improve the product line, proprietary manufacturing enterprises bigger and stronger , the occupation of the national market and international markets for local economic development Nanchong make greater contribution.

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