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Tsui Hong poly iron tip set up a development company since 1986, the company has a certain strength, a German industry group to do the macro poly tip soldering iron Tsui and other electric equipment, technology development and high-quality iron Tsui tip production, Taiwan's Acer Poly Co., Ltd. established in Taiwan, two administrative centers in mainland China, Dongguan, Guangdong to do the development and sales of domestic product guide. Dongguan Hong poly sales hold by the "sales to conquer the world, service to decide their fate" business philosophy, hoping to tip the amount of sales of iron Tsui to make the most sincere breakthrough in services to give customers the most efficient, highest quality, most sincere cooperation!

However, the price is required to get the lowest market price of similar quality. HongJu Houjie HongJu hardware business is an important enterprise in China and set up sales organizations, the main products are welded parts mainly iron head, iron Tsui, ferrochrome first quality and stability, particularly good performance, strong corrosion resistance , the use of high-tech means to slow in the high temperature oxidation characteristics. Basically resolved in the lead-free, due to accelerated oxidation of the welding temperature increase the diffusion of solder and other invasive effects of different solder tip damage, absorbing domestic and foreign experience in the older generation, the use of high-tech now means to make the appropriate improvements.

Range from the largest to do the following to improve. 1. Long cycle life, up to 13-15 cycles (Metal Turn Over), [meaning cycle per liter of nickel plating bath will be out to fix all the added nickel when opening cylinder called a loop, a loop can be deposited at least coating 900dm2 · μm]; 2. The maximum deposition rate of up to 20μm/hr, coating low porosity, 15μm pore-free; 3. Plated high hardness, Hv 700 or more, under normal circumstances can be omitted or has a high heat resistance; 4. Strong weldability, is currently on the market the best solderability coating; 5. In alkaline medium has a very good anti-corrosion effects;

6. Covering power, throwing power strong, fully meet the "copying effect"; 7. The combination of excellent quality and high hardness, wear resistance of the surface of the phosphorus coating excellent ... ... * 2005, 2 months, and I do science and technology center of the capital, a service policy of the world, more and more customers, were obtained from the July start of new domestic and international certification, the new technology patent certificate, SGS lead-free certification. To 10 months, will soon be international industry iron head, iron Tsui, welding head to the recognition rate, respectively, upstream and downstream with the world's largest company, established different levels of production and marketing cooperation.

From March 2006 onwards, our products have been sold in the domestic context of the whole. Including HAKKO iron head, iron Tsui, WELLER iron head, Ville iron Tsui. XYIRONIC iron head, race Ville tip. PACE tip iron Tsui. OK tip. Iron Tsui. AMERICAN BEAUTY American Tsui iron tip. Hecacon iron head, iron Tsui. Professional tip iron Tsui, imported brands, the lowest price, close to domestic prices; the fastest delivery, domestic direct supplier; with communication the most convenient services to our domestic own people.

Order to facilitate, do not call directly on the Internet may provide, then our staff directly contacted for confirmation. Sufficient time, can be ordered 24 hours. For large customers free of charge for the development of special products, just tell us the effect you want, you do not have to worry about the other, as long as you can providing a multimedia data, we can give you a program. As long as you give us a tip directly to the integrity of the drawings, we will give you a satisfactory product. Our pursuit of perfection, and take it as our business lives.

If we ignore the quality of iron Tsui tip is tantamount to losing one of our businesses are the soul is gradually die out. For customers: We pursue customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction is our core. This belief is rooted in the hearts of every employee. For the enterprise spirit: our pursuit of innovation, in a rapidly changing era, only the most sincere service quality and efficient staff concept innovation, entrepreneurial strength of the jump, the macro can be the life together continue.

For the business goals: We strive for excellence. Rocky road ahead is doomed, but for the most first-class cultural tastes marketing business goals, we pledge, we must never make efforts on sales and reputation by rising standards of service and management of the integrated power of the macro together.

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