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Xuzhou Dahua Glassware Co., Ltd. is mainly of glass manufacturing and processing of large glass packaging company, is the largest glass manufacturer, Xuzhou, China Packaging, one of five hundred, the company is currently the most advanced glass industry, glass technology R & D and production enterprises. Recent years the company developed high-temperature transparent glass packaging and other products, advanced manufacturing technology, high technology content, in the leading level in China; product variety, quality, excellent performance in the domestic market enjoyed a high reputation and popularity , reached the international advanced level.

Its own independent intellectual property rights and good energy performance, another highlight of the glass products. Dahua glass plant has strong R & D, rich manufacturing experience, scientific management ideas and management methods, improving the quality awareness, domestic first-class detection means and improve the service system. Excellent corporate culture created a large number of highly educated, highly qualified workforce. Years of market-proven reputation for quality and brand image, so that with many overseas customers UOB form a solid partnership.

Marketing footprints all over the country, Yuanshe overseas, a "covered Kyushu," the vast radiation of space. Products are exported to North America, European Union, Russia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Korea and Taiwan, more than eighty countries and regions. The main products series bottle, beverage bottle, honey bottle, cans bottles series, sesame oil bottle, seasoning bottle, health bottle series, bottle series, vinegar sauce series, Bird's Nest, pickles series, cup series, handle Cup series, jam series, series of foreign bottles, perfume bottle, cosmetic bottles, candles Cup series,

Bottle series dozen large series of glass bottles, can be produced from 20ml --- 1000ml, namely, pattern specifications can be more than 1,500 varieties of deep processing of products such as: lettering, decorating, frosting, and according to customer requirements processing, custom other bottle. Supporting the production of various models and product models of the 30 #, 38 #, 43 #, 58 #, 70 # -82 # tinplate cover and polyethylene / propylene APS plastic covers, plastic plug, glass cover, plastic cover. Company characteristics / transportation: (1) Quality ----- same industry, we attach the greatest importance to maintain the quality of the most stable, solid color the white finish is best.

(2) have professional designers to undertake technical ----- sample processing, there is no change in the shape of a product to expand or shrink! (3) has a number of joint venture subsidiary ----- cap factory, mold factory, carton plant, decorating plant, Frosted plants (4) ----- reputation in the industry, we attach the greatest importance, in particular, credibility of the best suppliers. (5) ----- with the surrounding logistics service companies to establish good relations of cooperation picking for customers around the loading - LTL, distribution, vehicle, container, marine transport. The face of market competition in the new situation, Dahua glass adhere to the "advantages, reflects the characteristics of the pursuit of excellence,

Leading the trend, "the operating principle and the" world famous "development strategy, to promote the capital diversification, market internationalization and management modernization, improve the marketing network and technological innovation system, and strive to domestic first-class, internationally renowned enterprises into large-scale glass production ! Dahua Glassware Co., Ltd. sincerely hope and the majority of businessmen to set up a bridge of friendship, common to add luster to our lives! on "creating value for partners," China Glass Products Co., Ltd. that customers, suppliers, shareholders, the company and all staff has a working relationship and their own units and individuals are their partners,

And only through efforts to create value for partners, in order to realize their own value and access to development and success. On "honesty, tolerance, innovation, service" Dahua Glassware Co., Ltd. that honesty is the foundation of all cooperation, tolerance is a prerequisite to solve the problem, the cause of innovation is the development tool, the service is to create value at all.

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