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[MT ]Brilliance Industrial Co., Ltd. [Not certified ]
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[MT ]Xu Gang
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086 15557925933
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Brilliance Industrial Co., Ltd. After several years of steady operation and Development, has now become the design, development, manufacture and sales of industrial enterprises. Companies specializing in products: three generations of health Palma foot machine, health Palma foot second-generation machine, health Palma foot machine, Palma spinal health insurance, health Palma neck Bao, Tong Ren Tang Foot Road, Shou hole pillows, gold cigarette holder, Ai moxibustion sticks, any pain Zhong Chuan Kang air film, Rose Star Mini crazy fit massage, your degree of clearing toxic smoke, toxic smoke cleared platinum knight, clearing the lungs smoke grams, inflatable vibrating massage, love the lungs cigar electronic cigarette, electronic products Kang Seiichi tobacco, the Chinese electronic cigarette, true king of the Duke tobacco for cigarettes, triangular massager, not bilingual education,

Kuni Tongmai, Ting Mei Beauty show, Shirley magnetic spin thin warm underwear, loose tea, whole life Ruixiang, Tingmei spiral stovepipe socks, Tingmei thermoplastic body carved clothes, cashmere underwear Tingmei Fox Hill, Tingmei body underwear, Fang Chennai magic bamboo charcoal children clothing, magic show, Eve Ting, Kang Li low-frequency massage machine, 蒙迈托玛琳 hot moxibustion clothes, small soft pillow, gold fire moxibustion is, thin spiral Tingmei really warm skin underwear, Tingmei Blue Diamond underwear, Tongji all loose tea, Fang Nai children invisible magic clothes, nine yang fire moxibustion pants, dynamic fitness, tornado cyclone sweeping machines, orthopedic Fang Nai children slim slimming underwear, Cordyceps all loose tea, Tingmei Icy equipment, Hiromi Hall L-carnitine, Kang Bite L-carnitine, L-carnitine Branch can,

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Long diamond coating liquid titanium platinum, Kowloon jade mattress, your degree all-round magic chain and so on. Products are exported to Korea, Japan, Canada, the United States and other countries and regions, the quality to win the domestic and foreign customers. Because I always plant "quality first, credit first, a letter-based, customer first" approach to development for my company, is committed to providing customers with not following the excellent service and quality products as the goal, and customers work together , win double benefit, common development, create brilliant.
I wholeheartedly welcome: the majority of customers, new and old customers come to discuss the order, negotiate, and work together.

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086 0579-87541933
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[MT ]Jinhua City in Zhejiang
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