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[MT ]Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Dongguan Jun Feng, Jun Feng, precision metal manufacturing [Not certified ]
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The company was established in December 2001, located in the scenic Enterprise Stone Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Department of Industrial Park, Zhenhua Industrial Zone, is a collection of "research and development, production, processing and marketing," as one of the high-tech innovative enterprises, lead times Pioneer! introduction of high technology, high precision and high performance of the top production equipment, have a professional mold design engineers, 5 senior engineers and technicians, technical staff accounted for 85% of all employees. As electronic, optical, semiconductor, watches and other industries, specifically induced in the LED light-emitting diodes, semiconductor integrated circuits, IC packaging and discrete components, digital cameras, LCD monitors,

Print fax machines, motors, transformers, and other industry professionals fixture fixture manufacture, automation design. Our products have covered all over the country, Hong Kong, Macao and the world famous brand enterprises all walks of life! First, the business scope: A. LED material boxes, power feed box SMD, LED aluminum boats, dispensing head, thimble, nozzle series of mold inserts, B. LED Auto (ASM solid crystal, wire, splitting, dispensing) jig fixtures, IC semiconductor materials and fixtures manufacturing box, C. professional precision grinding, milling, internal and external circular grinding, lathe, CNC machining and precision fixture computer gongs governance,

D. professional precision plastic metal parts, aluminum parts, aluminum flashlight, the heat sink processing, E. consecutive balanced dies, precision metal mold design of plastic, F. CNC grinding optical projection, thimble shaped plastic mold inserts, zero punch accessories forming grinding and polishing optical projection, G. professional tungsten steel (CARBIDE) forming ceramic parts WEDM process. Second, the main production equipment: Precision surface grinding machine (Taiwan): 20 precision milling machine (Taiwan): 16, line cutting (Shanghai): 5 EDN sparks (Taiwan): 3, lathes: 10 internal and external circular grinding: 10,

Wire cutting: 5 sparks machine: 3 sets, high-speed CNC machining center: 2 tungsten steel block gauge (U.S.): 5 boxes, note: CNC lathes and computer gongs and other advanced high-precision machining equipment. , The three main testing equipment: electronic height low: 15 projectors: 5 Hardness: 6 units, needles Regulation: Regulation 3 sets of blocks: 3 Micrometer: 50 Digital Caliper: 50

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086 0769-86726885,0769-86726691
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086 0769-86727785
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[MT ]Stone Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, the Department of Enterprise Industrial Park, Zhenhua Industrial Zone
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