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Original Nanjing Morning traffic safety facilities, three dawn of rubber products factory (Sanmen County Shuguang Rubber Co., Ltd) located in the hometown of blue crab, the beautiful three River, south of Wenzhou, Hangzhou, west, north of Ningbo, the traffic is convenient. I plant to chemical, rubber, plastics, transportation, railway rubber pads under rail, road safety facilities, parking facilities, production and sales of security products and other areas of design and manufacture of integrated enterprise. Companies based in the Yangtze Delta, and in May 2003 established abundance of Nanjing Rubber and Plastic Products Business Department million.

Now my company's main products are: One: Railway transport facilities Product: rubber crossing panels, nylon baffle blocks, plastic speed switch gaskets, rubber pads under the rail size, turnout rubber pads, rubber pads bridge. Product Quality Supervision Center by the Ministry of Railways of the technical indicators in line with ministerial inspection requirements of the standard! II: road traffic facilities products: rubber speed hump (rubber spoilers) (Rubber Speed ​​Cushion) (slow road humps), wheel alignment, baton, corner protectors, PE road cone, rubber road cones, road cone collapse, Telescopic road cones, reflective vests, spikes (bumps), and will outline standard, lane body

Corner protection, traffic baton (with flash light whistle charging function), parking lock, warning lane barrels, bull barrels, water yards, road side of the road, Barrier and other products. III: Road pit covers products: rubber pit covers, rubber electric hand control telecommunications products, rubber, water, well water table series, rubber water grate series, rubber tree protection plate series, pit covers composite materials, composite materials, telecommunications power manual products, composite materials, water, well water table series, composite series of water grate, composite materials protect the tree board series.

Four: Rubber Fender Series: Super Arch Rubber Fender, semi-circular rubber fenders, rubber fenders, Super D, Super Black rubber fenders, rubber fenders, ladder, IT-TYPE arch rubber fender, round tube-type rubber fenders, rubber fenders rotation, floating rubber fenders, cone rubber fenders and so on. V: Rubber test track: You can replace the vehicle test track rubber, rubber track vehicle vibration, shock test vehicle performance rubber tracks, rubber, pre-runway, experimental alternative rubber corners, rubber, automotive performance test experimental curve.

VI: the design of rubber processing: processing of a variety of custom properties can be customized for various uses, a variety of materials, rubber, according customers need to design a variety of performance uses of rubber, according to the customers to sample processing, to map processing, processing properties of rubber of various parameters, and according to customer requirements for a model plan or processing of products designed and manufactured to customer needs. Seven: Bridge walk light rubber sheet, rubber bridge Andante: rubber pavement outside the track outside the railway bridge railway bridge outside the rubber block rubber shop boards, rubber shop boards for railway tracks on the bridge outside of the rubber shop boards,

Change the past, mainly in the case of ballast, suitable for running and maintenance of railway workers, to make it more safe and efficient work. Lightweight rubber foot bridge board to natural rubber as the main raw material, equipped with steel frame, made of high temperature mixing, the biggest feature is light weight, easy handling, and use self-locking screw locks the end of angle iron support bracket with the sidewalk connections to improve its seismic capacity, and also to prevent loss, greatly reduced the maintenance and upkeep of the workload. Pattern set by embossing the surface, beautiful and practical, non-slip effect was underway, is an alternative to reinforced concrete walk board the ideal product.

The product was October 31, 2003 through the Beijing Railway Bureau, Taiyuan Railway Bureau (now the Taiyuan Railway Bureau) Technology Section of the identification, the indicators reached the national requirements, the Department of patented products factory. Over the years, we always adhere to the "credibility first, customer first, quality of survival, satisfaction and development" of service; for you Tigong professional, skilled, quality service!

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